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Quantity Error

Frank Auffret

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46 minutes ago, bsmither said:

Please provide a web address where we can see this.



Product code: BLAL8FM098
I deleted the product record and reinstalled it. It's all okay now.

As an afterthought I did check the "Minimum Quantity Purchase" on another six products which had 0 as the value. One product produced the same error, the other five were added to the basket without an issue?
No conclusion there.

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The phrase "Please enter a value less than or equal to" is from the skin's jquery.validate.js vendor plugin. It's a message related to the quantity input form element that has a max attribute, which appears only if there is in the product's details specify a "Maximum Quantity Purchase" value, and that value is greater than or equal to the min attribute's value.

However, in admin, the product details screens, Pricing tab, the "Maximum Quantity Purchase" says to 'Leave blank to disable'.

And the database table CubeCart_inventory has a default value of null for the 'maximum_quantity' column.

However, for me, at least, my database shows that column has a zero as the value - which is what shows on the Pricing tab. Blanking that field does cause that form element to POST as a zero-length string, but still ends up in the database as a zero, not a null.

So, still researching the situation.



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