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Add Sale Price to Dashboard Products Inventory


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Brian, you once helped me with this but can't find the details anywhere on how to do it but also not sure if they would still be applicable to 6.53 as I want to implement it in my new store.

I would like to see in the Products inventory page a column which has the sale price (if an item is on sale). In the V4 store there was a column next to the regular price that showed any sale prices, it just seemed totally illogical that V6 couldn't show me what items I have discounted without me having to go look on the storefront and go through all the sale categories.

This is my current listing on my other website, as well as the sale price it al so shows the weight column too.



Any help much appreciated


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Working on it.


In the admin skin template 'products.index.php', find:

Near line 109:


Add after:


Near line 75:

<th nowrap="nowrap">{$THEAD.price}</th>

Add after:

<th nowrap="nowrap">Sale</th>

This is a quick solution. As such, this column is not sortable, and reflects only what the product's sale price is specific to the product. That is, this sale price is not a calculation based on the global percentage sale mode.

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