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editing email templates only codes...


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Hello, I just upgraded to version cubecart 6.5.3 and I'm not able anymore to edit the email templates in plain txt.  I do see code language in the HTML as well as in the txt module.

this is what I see in txt mode, things like :

{$DATA.first_name} {$DATA.last_name} {if !empty($BILLING.company_name)}({$BILLING.company_name}){/if}  zojuist geplaatst order nummer {$DATA.cart_order_id} op {$DATA.order_date}.
    Deze bestelling kan online worden beheerd door op de onderstaande link te klikken.
      {$BILLING.first_name} {$BILLING.last_name}
      {if !empty($BILLING.company_name)}{$BILLING.company_name}
      {if !empty($BILLING.line2)}{$BILLING.line2}
      {$BILLING.country}{if !empty($BILLING.w3w)}



this is wat i see in the HTML mode, things like :

<p>{$DATA.first_name} {$DATA.last_name} {if !empty($BILLING.company_name)}({$BILLING.company_name}){/if} zojuist geplaatst order nummer {$DATA.cart_order_id} op {$DATA.order_date}.</p>
    <p>Deze bestelling kan online worden beheerd door op de onderstaande link te klikken.</p> 
    <p><a href="{$DATA.link}">{$DATA.link}</a></p>
    <table width="100%">
        <td valign="top" width="50%"><strong>Factuuradres:</strong><br />
          {$BILLING.first_name} {$BILLING.last_name}<br />
          {if !empty($BILLING.company_name)}{$BILLING.company_name}<br />
          {$BILLING.line1}<br />
          {if !empty($BILLING.line2)}{$BILLING.line2}<br />
          {$BILLING.town}<br />
          {$BILLING.state}<br />
          {$BILLING.postcode}<br />
          {$BILLING.country}{if !empty($BILLING.w3w)}<div class="w3w">///<a href="https://what3words.com/{$BILLING.w3w}">{$BILLING.w3w}</a></div>{/if}<br />
          {$BILLING.phone}<br />
          <br />
          <strong>Email:</strong><br />
        <td valign="top" width="50%"><strong>Bezorgadres:</strong><br />
          {$SHIPPING.first_name} {$SHIPPING.last_name}<br />
          {if !empty($SHIPPING.company_name)}{$SHIPPING.company_name} <br />
          {/if}{$SHIPPING.line1}<br />
          {if !empty($SHIPPING.line2)}{$SHIPPING.line2} <br />
          {/if}{$SHIPPING.town}<br />
          {$SHIPPING.state}<br />
          {$SHIPPING.postcode}<br />
          {$SHIPPING.country}{if !empty($SHIPPING.w3w)}<di


thank so much for anyone who could help me out !!!




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With CC648, the email template editor was switched from the CKEditor4 to the ACE editor.

There are various reasons for this, and significantly is that CKEditor4 has presented various problems dealing with Smarty syntax. Moving to CKEditor5 would probably not solve those issues.

The Plain Text Content tab does not use an editor. Here, a simple textarea accepts content that respects line endings and spaces.

On the HTML Content tab is a Test button that gives you a look at what the HTML content  looks like when rendered in a browser (or email reader), except, of course, the Smarty syntax and macros makes it look a bit weird.

The unfortunate consequence is that you will need to know HTML coding. Or find and use a third-party WYSIWYG web page builder.

With respect to claimed "HTML5-compliant" editors, when Smarty syntax gets involved, the level of compliance goes down the drain.

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The CKEditor is still included with CubeCart (so far). It is used when designing Newsletters, composing the Offline and Copyright content in Store Settings, and composing the product, category, and document descriptions.

So, if one really wants to use CKEditor for editing email templates, a simple edit to an admin skin template would do that.

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   Editing email templates solely through code can be both empowering and challenging. cheap internet and cable package While it offers precise control over design and functionality, it demands fluency in HTML, CSS, and possibly scripting languages like JavaScript. However, mastering these skills ensures customized, pixel-perfect emails that align perfectly with branding and engage recipients effectively. It's a craft that blends creativity with technical finesse.

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