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Default currency selection - PayPal

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Hello everyone

some of you may have faced this sort of problem as well, so maybe you know of a solution/workaround.

Prices in my shop are currently displayed in Aus$. I would prefer to display the default prices in South African Rand (ZAR), as most of my clients are resident in that area. And I can of course do this, and use the currency table to display prices in other currencies - that's not the problem. The problem is that if I select ZAR as the default currency, clients cannot use the PayPal checkout to pay - the reason being that the ZAR is not a PayPal supported currency and the default currency has to be a PayPal support one. So if I choose ZAR, no client is able to use the PayPal checkout option. In the past I've worked around that by manually sending the client an email  or PayPal invoice with the appropriate Aus$ amount (or other currency amount) - but that's extra work for me as well as for the client,  and isn't great for the customer's shopping experience.

So, I was wondering if anyone knows of some sort of work-around or solution to this problem?


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I posted a Feature Request in the Github for this.

There is already the feature to include the chosen language in the customer record.



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thanks, hopefully something will come of the feature request.

Maybe to expand on my initial query: could one set up (or are there already?) different variables in CC for default currency in which the prices are defined, and the default currency in which the store displays? I presume these two are the same by definition - ie. one cannot set the prices in Aus$ by default (so as to be able to use PayPal checkout) while at the same time have the default displayed prices in eg ZAR?


it is messy when you have to deal with payments that have limitations and countries that have payment type restrictions.


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