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  1. You think you are using the latest version but you are not. If in your folder structure you see and admin folder and a renamed admin folder it is likely that the admin folder (with latest code) is not in use! ./admin ./admin_abc123 The name will vary but you need to rename the admin folder admin_abc123 and delete the admin_abc123 folder.
  2. @Retrodisco @thefootballshirtstore Sounds like you need to upgrade to a more recent version of CubeCart!! I'll fix the typo but you need to upgrade your stores.
  3. Too busy crapping her pants I'm afraid.
  4. Yes. Needs doing. Also the SagePay extension needs openssl instead of mcrypt.
  5. Nobody raised an issue on GitHub. If they did it didn't make the release for whatever reason.
  6. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2996431/detect-when-a-window-is-resized-using-javascript Does that help? Be careful it doesn't refresh too many times as it resizes.
  7. It's used by LetsEncrypt to validate the domain for your SSL certificate.
  8. Yeah doing really well. I have another new baby too which I'm pretty pleased about.
  9. Change the hexadecimal value in skins/foundation/images/icon-sprites.svg: <symbol id="icon-spinner" viewBox="0 0 44 44" stroke="#d8d8d8">
  10. We are pleased to announce the release of 6.2.1 which stabilises and builds on the features of 6.2.0. In particular the GDPR tools have been extended upon to log cookie consent and numerous purge tools have been created to clean up the mailing list, customers and orders. A full breakdown of bug fixes and features can be found on the GitHub issue tracker. Download: CubeCart-6.2.1.zip Please visit out knowledge base for upgrade instructions.
  11. If it still says 6.1.13 then it will be at 6.1.13 or a mix of both. Please check the files uploaded fully without error replacing any existing ones.
  12. Hi Jack, Please upgrade manually and all will be ok.
  13. If you have basic coding skills you could adapt this: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/code-snippets/maximum-order-value
  14. Turn on catalogue only mode (General Settings) and edit your homepage to show a message about being away and that checkout is disabled.
  15. Still online!!! Thank you.
  16. I have a five day old girl and I'm moving house tomorrow which will hold me back a few days.
  17. Sorry. It's coming. Hopefully next week.
  18. Yes. If this is not checked the HTML will be output exactly as it is stored. If this is checked the data is passed through the Smarty Template engine which allows for dynamic content.
  19. Could well be a red herring. You could try. Real life test like password reset and see if the email arrives.
  20. I couldn't reproduce it because it only happens with debug turned off. It was caused by HTML minification of the admin control panel. I removed this as its just not required. It's to optimise the front end. To get it working now please either turn on debug mode (restricted to your IP) or apply this patch: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/1fbc9c383acf69be2df00d7374343303ecf7d5cf
  21. I can't reproduce this. What am I doing wrong? Video: http://static.cubecart.com/topic-53998-google-categories.mp4
  22. It can't have been otherwise it would work. Please tripple check.
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