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  1. Hi Bsmither-- Thank you for this! Works great. Mark
  2. Is there any way to alphabetically sort the products as shown on the invoice? I use the invoice to fulfil orders, and I have my physical sorted alphabetically in bins. Being able to sort the products as shown on the invoice would save a great deal of time. Thanks! Mark www.platedepot.com Running Cubecart Version 6.2.9
  3. I've recently noticed that my store has completely disappeared from Google searches, where I had previously held the top spot in the search 'License Plates for Sale'. I've initiated a Google recrawl to show up within their search engine. I've noticed that I am now starting to show up in a search of Plate Depot (my store name); however, it fails to connect to the store properly. If I type the url in manually either as https://www.platedepot.com or https://www.platedepot.com/index.php, both will connect to the store, but clicking the link from Google or Bing (where I haven't disappeared from
  4. Thanks. This is exactly what I needed and I have purchased it. Having a little trouble with the installation, but I'll send a support ticket offline. MARK
  5. I apologize if this topic has been covered before. I'd like to set up a Christmas promotion where I can offer a discount by order total (e.g. $100 receives 10% off; $200 receives 20% off, etc.) I did not see how to do this under the regular Cubecart features. Can somebody show me how to do this? Thanks for your help. MARK
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