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  1. Thanks for the response from Dirty Butter and also Brian Smither. The actual buttons do work and they do the job that they supposed to do its just the user doesn't see any indication that they have clicked or rollover the button. If there is some css rule that will fix this then could somebody point me in the right direction as to which CSS is being used thankyou. Also Brian you mentioned the language phrase editor where would I find this as this is very new to me thanks Thanks to everybody for your responses they are very much appreciated. Best Regards, Peterp
  2. I have just updated a site to the latest version 6 and was testing the functionality against what the site did before the upgrade, I have found that when you rollover the buy button it doesn't change colour or change to the hand icon, also when you get to the order page the checkout button and update button doesn't change colour or change to a hand icon. I have checked the older version and they all changed colour or changed to a hand icon. The templates I'm using are mican and vanilla. Also on one of the order screens the buttons read 'secure checkout' however the word checkout is only half displayed. I was wondering whether this was a bug or regular functionality and I have missed some setup step. Hope you can help me Best Regards, Peterp
  3. Thanks Brian that fixes to misunderstanding I had of the check boxes Thanks for your continued support Best Regards, Peterp
  4. Hi all, I have setup a remote site which will be the first site when anybody enters the www.companyname.com.au however there is still some developing that still has to be done before the site is ready for public use, so I setup the offline setting in the stores settings but unfortunately when I go to the store I still see the products but I'm not able to purchase them but what I would rather see is the message that was entered in the offline setting. Is there a way that I have missed to make this happen I'm using the latest version 5 of cubecart any help will gratefully accepted. Regards Peterp
  5. Hi Ian, Well I guess it was, it was a classes fix that was provided by Convict which consisted of a mailer.class.php and PHPMailerAutoloader.php when I unzipped and implemented the problem went away and all was fine again. Thanks for your interest and help regards, Peterp
  6. Hi Convict and all others interested, your SMTP fix seems to have worked and it all now seems to work as expected, thankyou everybody who help your help is invaluable me Thanks and best regards, Peterp
  7. Hi Convict, At this stage I am still experiencing this problem, however I am going to try some more testing today to just confirm my results before I lodge a support ticket as this issue is causing me to have to rethink what my clients can do with cubecarts upgrades or lack of upgrades in the future. Thanks for your help Regards, Peterp
  8. Hi Ian, That is totally correct no changes and the SMTP works fine on 5.2.5 whereas when the same configuration is used in 5.2.7 it fails, the next thing is change the email settings and guess what works fine but doesn't suit the environment that we use. As far as trying on a linux environment the remote server is just that and that is why we have this issue, it does not work using ver5.2.7. I spent all last weekend implementing custom changes to a live site only to find at the end it failed, I then spent the next day and half checking every change and upgrade to find that all was ok. I have checked the php versions and they are the same the only change I have done locally is reinstalled the ioncube. The version we are using of PHP is 5.4 What I'm saying is that cubecart ver 5.2.7 is no taking into consideration SMTP irrespective of the environment it is run in. Regards, Peterp
  9. Hi Ian, Thanks for you input it is always appreciated, we have had no problems in the past with the configuration we had. We use the same configuration in the live sites and have had no problems sending or receiving emails and all of the sites we look after are using the same setup and its only when we do the upgrade from ver 5.2.5 to ver 5.2.7 that we have this issue. The setup for SMTP has been proven as this is used in our email provider with no issues. All of the necessary parameters have been setup and it still fails and as you can see from the error log it cannot find the appropriate CLASS. I don't think any of the SMTP parameters would change this. thanks Peterp
  10. hi convict, I am having this problem and I downloaded your classes.zip file and restored them to their original path but I still have the same problem occurring, so what have I missed. Below is my recent testing: This has got very confusing however interesting, I have done some extensive testing between versions 5.2.5, 5.2.6 and 5.2.7 and have found that in the store settings on the admin page for the advance tab and email setting for the sending method is set to 'SMTP' then it seems to fail. Below is php_error_log C:xampphtdocswerevr4x4accessoriesShopclassesrequest.class.php on line 255 [04-Feb-2014 06:12:14 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Class 'SMTP' not found in C:xampphtdocswerevr4x4accessoriesShopclassesphpMailerclass.phpmailer.php on line 1142 When I change this setting (Store Settings>Advance Settings>Email Sending Method) to be PHP Mail() Function and change nothing else and then test the shop front it all works as expected. In Australia we use 'SMTP' as a sending method so therefore we need to have this fixed has anybody got any clues as I do not know where to go next. Is this the same bug? How do I use your fix any help will be helpful regards, peterp
  11. Hi Al, I am having a few problems with the new version 5.2.7 and this is just one of them, I have changed the code as you have suggested and the same message is displaying the PHP I am using allows for mycrpt. Do you have any suggestions as this is on a live site and it may be causing my other problems of not getting a payment gateway screen after the last checkout has been selected. Best Regards, Peterp
  12. Hi all, Thankyou for all of your comments, I was not looking for any free software from anybody I was under the impression wrongly or rightly not sure, that it is one licence 1 user, from everybodies comments I can setup a localhost ( for each client using my individual licence key. That is I could have 1 client with a address = http://localhost/company1/shop and a 2nd client with the address = http://localhost/company2/shop etc using the same licence key all on the same PC (we use windows) is this correct or do I have it wrong again? The individual clients will have their own licence keys and will have live sites using their individual servers. I do not want to have a hosting capability myself as there are specialised companies that I can use that have the necessary expertise and are better at it than I would be. Once again thanks for the feedback very much appreciated Best Regards, Peterp
  13. Hi all, I have a web designing and eCopmerce company that recommends Cubecart as one of its products to our customers, however it is becoming more and more frustrating that when we are asked to modify the Cubecart product there are certain applications we cannot access unless we have a license. We don't want to use the customers site for research and development of their site as this is live and their customers don't want to be bothered with half working online stores. So is there a way that we can have a full localhost site that is registered to us without having to buy a new license for ourselves everthing time we get a new client. We have a localhost for every new client and at the moment we use the demo version this is OK for some but we are finding increasing differcult to work this way when we have go to applications that can only be seen if you have a full license. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Regards Peterp
  14. Hi Everybody, I have a client that has a requirement that is similar to the wish list cart in Amazon, basically my client's customers will be notified that a product is due for release in the future and they are encouraged to place a pre-order for this item, no money changes hands when they order it but eventually they will be required to pay for it. I don't won't to use the 'pending' status but this will get confused with orders that are 'pending' for normal reasons. Is there any way that we can have a 'pre-ordered' status capability? I see this would help my client in 2 areas. 1. My clients stock ordering process will be simplified as he will know is pre-ordered commitment. 2. My clients customers will order as normal but the order will have a status of 'Pre-Ordered' attached automatically because they have ordered the product from a 'Coming Soon' Category. Has anybody had a similar problem and is there a solution. Best Regards, Peterp
  15. Hi Everybody, Is there any way of turning off the upgrade error that occurs in the dash board. I'm not saying not to upgrade I just want the option to leave well alone on a working site until it is necessary Best Regards Peterp
  16. Hi Cicki, Sorry about the delay on replying to you I have had some other issues that need my immediate attention. Anyhow if you go to this website ( Regards, Peterp
  17. Hi Brian, Yes you are right the demo version exhibits the same problem when we try to run it on the XP windows machines. The version IE that I'm using is version 8. The latest version of IE is version 10 I think I might give this a try and see what happens. Interesting enough I have tried google chrome and the graph appears so it seems that it might be an IE issue, what do you think. Best Regards Peterp
  18. Hi Brian, Some more interesting information, I decided that I would try another computer which is running windows 7 and you guessed it the chart appeared, so I then tried an apple ipad and the chart appeared, I then tried on the computer that was not displaying the chart using IE browser I used Mozilla and the chart appeared this computer was also running windows XP service pack 3. So I then tried another site on the XP computer using IE and the chart didn't display. So are you confused now, I am. So it seems that the chart is not displaying on computers that are running windows XP using IE but will display the chart when mozilla is used as the browser. So are there some settings in IE and/or XP that have to be set so as to get the chart to display????? Thankyou for your patience and best regards, Peterp
  19. Hi Brian, I'm now totally confused, when I run cubecart ver5.2.4 using the internet explorer browser I don't get the graph, however when I run it using the mozilla browser the graph now appears what is happening. I have even tried using the compatability switch for IE and that doesn't help
  20. Hi Brian, All the calls that you detailed are being made except for the last one that is not be called is this and issue. Also this particular site is new and there is no sales as yet, however nothing is displaying not even a red or blue line or any axises. Thanks for yopur help and best regards Peterp
  21. hi Brian, With reference to your question in reply 2 the client has gone from ver 5.2.2 to ver 5.2.4 and now they don't even see a blank graph they see nothing. The upgrade went well and there was no errors so have I forgotten something or should I have to setup something up to get the google graph apps to work Rgards
  22. Hi All, I have just upgraded a client to the new ver 5.2.4 and now when they log in the Sales graph on the dasboard does not appear, have I failed to do something or is this new functionality. Hope somebody can advise and hankyou in anticipation
  23. Hi cicki, I'm in Australia and we use MebourneIt for hosting multiple clients and have been able to install cubecart from ver 5.2 through to ver 5.2.4 without any problems. As far as support is concerned I have found that you need to get onto australian support if you can as it seems that all the other support centres don't know much technically. hope tis helps peterp
  24. well Brian, This is not such a silly question, when I checked I found that the program had not been transferred to the remote site as you suggested, once again you have come through thankyou. And by the way I do feel like an idoit.
  25. Hi all, I have just started trying to install cubecart for a client and when I try to run setup I'm presented with this error message : Warning: require_once(/home/wwwpremi/public_html/shop/ini.inc.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/wwwpremi/public_html/shop/setup/index.php on line 2 Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/wwwpremi/public_html/shop/ini.inc.php' (include_path='.:/opt/php53/lib/php') in /home/wwwpremi/public_html/shop/setup/index.php on line 2 I have looked on the internet for a solution and one solution was that the wrong ver of php was in use i have checked the ver of the php we are using and have found it is ver 5.3 so not sure where to go next. This has stopped the installation in its tracks and as you can image the client is anxious about their install Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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