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  1. PayPal Commerce Platform: 1.3.11 Skin: Custom Foundation 5 Skin Configuration (SemperFi, basic colour changes)
  2. 1) Customers are not able to complete the checkout process, i.e. they are not taken to Paypal from the website, or they are taken there but still cannot complete the process, or the payment just doesn't go through. 2) Customers are completing the checkout process, the money is going through in Paypal, but the site itself is not recognizing it. The orders sit at "pending". And we have it set so that orders that don't go through eventually just get cancelled. So it's happened that I've had to refund customers' money who kept making orders thinking that their initial payments hadn't gone through. While these problems are not happening very frequently, it's concerning to me that this is still happening at all even after updates to the payment modules. And as these issues seem to be at the heart of what went wrong a few months ago when we had a pre-order event, I am not confident that we won't just have the same issue if we try it again. Any suggestions?
  3. Has anyone managed to set this up yet with US Zone 3 from the UK? Does anyone have any example of how to set this plugin up with Royal Mail?
  4. Will this plugin be updated to include the new USA World Zone 3 option which starts in June? https://www.royalmail.com/sites/royalmail.com/files/2020-05/royal-mail-our-prices-valid-from-1-july-2020.pdf
  5. If an order is cancelled, does the stock level for the items concerned revert back to the previous stock levels? Or does this need to be done manually?
  6. Is there a way to add a touch icon?
  7. Currently it's possible for customers to simply click the add to cart button for a t-shirt. But it's available in numerous sizes,. and by adding to cart, no size has been selected. Is there a way that customers can be forced to select a size before adding to cart?
  8. Can anybody help with this? Thanks.
  9. I'm seeing it in Firefox and Chrome. Strange. and underneath it: blog comments powered by Disqus - even though it's not switched on! and undeneath that, a link for: Facebook Comments Plugin
  10. It's loading the AddThis social media links at the bottom of product pages. <script type="text/javascript">var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true};</script>
  11. These are the CC plugins - does this mean these plugins need updating? I'm not sure why disqus is loading, as "Enable Product Reviews/Comments" is not switched on.
  12. Oops, my apologies. https://www.fabpress.com/
  13. Does anybody have any idea what could be causing these errors? Thanks.
  14. Just had a look at the demo. It seems to work fine there, even without the title crossed out. But I notice it's set up with Meta Data Behaviour disabled.
  15. re: line though title. It works so far as it doesn't display the actual title on the homepage itself, but the title still appears - before the site title - in the browser header.
  16. Thank you for looking into this. Also, the ReCaptcha switching itself off (and selecting the wrong version) could be something else worth looking into.
  17. Site is set up with https. However, when viewing product pages I'm seeing various errors in the browser inspector: Any suggestions?
  18. OK, I agree, wil change it. I thought the reason for "Hide Title" was for it to actually hide it. It's a pity it still displays as part of the website title, even when supposedly hidden. Do I need to manually add META data for every product, or does "Merge Data" automatically use the product details as the META info?
  19. Thanks for the feedback. What I've done so far is create a child theme, as per this knowledgebase article. Can I simply add these new styles to cubecart.default.css withouthout having to change any other .css files?
  20. I've created a child theme from Foundation. So far I've changed the background colour. Rather then change colourts in foundation.css , can I specify other font colours in cubecart.default.css? Can anyone help with how to best change the following text colours: Latest Products (on home page) Product Title (on product pages) Product Description (on product pages) Link to site (for general idea of what I'm doing)
  21. Anyone else still having problems hiding the document title in the browser?
  22. Thanks for that, very clever stuff - I was obviously overthinking it :)
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