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  1. One of our customers cannot re-set his password (his email address is correct,and also the validation key), and also when he follows the password reset link, the page is not secure either. Any thoughts?
  2. Can I change what's in content.product.php to what you have above, or do I need to add the styling to the SHARE code elsewhere? <object align="right"> {if $SHARE} {foreach from=$SHARE item=html} {$html} {/foreach} {/if} </object> in element.social.php I see this: {if $SOCIAL_LINKS} <div class="element-social"> <h3>{$LANG.common.follow_us}</h3> <ul class="small-block-grid-4 no-bullet nomarg social-icons text-left"> {foreach from=$SOCIAL_LINKS item=link} <li><a href="{$link.url}" title="{$link.name}" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-{$link.icon}"></use></svg></a></li> {/foreach} </ul> </div>{/if}
  3. I can't seem to eneter the brackets or * symbols in the "+" field. It reverts to 0 or the first number when I save each field.
  4. I can't get an exact $6 to ship 3 discs. Is there a way to fix this? USA, 1 disc 4.00 + 0.00 per item 1 - 1 USA, 2 discs 4.00 + 0.50 per item 2 - 2 USA, 3 discs 4.00 + 0.66 per item 3 - 3 USA, 4 discs 4.00 + 0.75 per item 4 - 4 USA, 5 discs 4.00 + 0.80 per item 5 - 5
  5. I've managed to get it in position - but I need to align it to the centre, or right. I tried a <div align=right>, but it had no effect. Any suggestions? {foreach from=$PRODUCT_TABS_TITLES item=product_tab_title} {$product_tab_title} {/foreach} {if $SHARE} {foreach from=$SHARE item=html} {$html} {/foreach} {/if} </dl> Success - but using <object align="right"> sample: http://mondo-macabro.com/blu-ray/symptoms.html
  6. I'm using version 1.0.11. It seems to be working now I've selected those other settings. http://mondo-macabro.com/ The plugin is currently set to debug mode.
  7. I'm not getting the option to add +1.00 to the other options.
  8. Still confused - how do I add $1 for each additional disc?
  9. I'm finding the All in One a bit confusing. If I want to set: USA Canada Rest of World How do I do this? I can only go up to 5 items it seems. And do I need to add zones?
  10. He's currently using BigCartel to sell his movies. I'd have thought there would be more shipping plugins available for the US?
  11. Thanks again. Does the USPS plugin still work properly? It seems it hasn't been updated in a while and there are current issues. store currently has this setting: Can this be done in Cubecart? He says:
  12. The USPS plugin is asking for: Packaging Weight Handling Cost Tax Type The first two options will vary on how many discs have been ordered. How do I find out about US tax rates? Is this the best plugin to use, or is there another that will do the job? Also, how do I get permission to make USPS rate requests? Sorry about all the stupid questions :)
  13. I'm building a site for a friend who is based in the US, and I'm a little confused about the best options for shipping out orders. The store will ship DVDs and Blu-rays mainly to the US, but also worldwide. I guess USPS would be best? Does this work on "By Weight", or is there a better way to set this up.
  14. The search engines tab is blank. I think it's a bug of some sort. I've removed the document.
  15. I already checked SEO tabs. It's only the site document that's causing this problem.
  16. "Coming Soon!" - Title set to not display, but I can't get rid of it. It is no longer displaying on the home page, but is still displayed as part of the site's title in the browser. Cleared cache numerous times. Any suggestions? https://nucleusfilms.com
  17. I think this would be a better place for it to more prominent. I've tinkered around with contrent.product.php but I just can't get it right. Any suggestions?
  18. <link href="//favicon.ico" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon"> You are correct. Strange. Is this a bug? Same on a friend's site. But only with Chrome.
  19. I'm using the standard install, I haven't made any changes. <link href="{$ROOT_PATH}/favicon.ico" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon"> The favicon is in the correct location. I don't get the same error with Firefox, only Chrome. It appears to be looking in the wrong place for it, even though it is correctly displaying. https://favicon.ico/ Failed to load resource: net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
  20. After a bit more research, it seems some of those cookies were coming via embedded YouTube videos. To get around this, change the YouTube urls from: http://www.youtube.com/embed/xxxx to this: https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/xxx" Despite all this, I still haveven't managed to find out why AddThis is reporting that site visitor levels have dropped. I believe it's due to the placement of the AddThis link. It is now at the bottom of the product page. Previoulsy it was below the Add to Cart button. How can I move it back to where it was in Blueprint?
  21. I'm seeing this error in the Chrome console: Any suggestions how to fix it?
  22. I thought you may find this of interest: https://www.attacat.co.uk/resources/cookies I've found a number of cookies on our site, of which I have no idea how they got there. The only plugins I have activated are: AddThis By Weight NoChex APC Could the buttons I'm specifiying in the AddThis plugin allow those icons to add cookies? facebook_like facebook twitter pinterest_share tumblr Google Analytics No 3 3 Google Analytics uses this cookie name. Not exactly phone tapping AddThis Yes 8 3 Most likely you've got some sharing buttons on your site. They are watching your users but they do have a facility for you to opt-out of their cookies that you might want to do (see http://www.addthis.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=25437). They may also be setting media6degrees.com cookies by your site as well. DoubleClick No 2 4 Uh oh - is your name Ernst Stavro Blofeld? You gonna have to get consent for this advertising network. May not have an HQ in a crater but they do do banner ads etc. Make sure you know if you are doing remarketng or not (either through DoubleClick or their owners Google as remarketing needs serious consent.) Session Yes 1 1 Probably a session cookie. Sugar and spice mostly but in the hands of SPECTRE, who knows - discuss with your developer YouTube No 4 3 Looks like you know how to embed YouTube videos. That's Google so care required (did you know they have a cookie free version?) Your Own Yes 2 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer. .vimeo.com 3rd 1 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer. .google.co.uk 3rd 1 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer. .bluekai.com 3rd 1 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer. .semasio.net 3rd 1 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer. .bluekai.com 3rd 1 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer. .mathtag.com 3rd 1 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer. .mathtag.com 3rd 1 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer. .crwdcntrl.net 3rd 1 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer. .crwdcntrl.net 3rd 1 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer. .crwdcntrl.net 3rd 1 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer. .crwdcntrl.net 3rd 1 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer. .w55c.net 3rd 1 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer. .w55c.net 3rd 1 ? Have a cuppa, chat to your developer.
  23. I'm seeing lots of coookies, but they have nothing to do with the site. I'm confused about what they all do.
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