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  1. Just spotted this post over at the ShopDev site from February. I had no idea about this, he didn't mail me any info at all, I didn't update the Fusion plugin. I am running Fusion Framework 2.2 - I can't find a download link anywhere for the last version (2.4).
  2. I can't seem to find this option since the upgrade - I use it so customers can pre-order our DVD releases. Am I missing something?
  3. I've set up a user account for somebody to add new products etc, but they are saying they get a message that they don't have the right privileges to perform the action when they try and upload a pic to the category. I've ticked all the boxes for the file manager permissions so I'm not sure what could be causing this?
  4. What would be the correct way to add the Twitter feed?
  5. MailChimp accepts .csv and .txt. So far I've been using .csv.
  6. This seems to have worked better, with names andemail addreses, but it seems to be in a format that won't let MailChimp import the emails. "FirstName, Lastname" <emailaddress>
  7. Trying to export a mailing list but am unable to select the tickboxes on anything other than {$EMAIL_ADDRESS}. If I copy and paste the options required for export {$EMAIL_ADDRESS} {$FIRST_NAME} {$LAST_NAME} also tried {$EMAIL_ADDRESS} <{$FIRST_NAME}> <{$LAST_NAME}> All I'm getting at MailChimp is the email address. Any suggestions? --- Cubecart 6.0.2
  8. I'm on 6.0.0 Have now upgraded to 6.0.1, and the prices seem to be displaying properly now - thanks. Except on the popular products sidebar. No prices at all.
  9. I'm not competent enough to mess around with MySQL. Is it easy to do?
  10. Have tried doing this but confused. Decimal symbol is listed as "0". Is this correct? I've tried to change it to a decimal point, but the change will not stay in place.
  11. Since upgrading, the prices are displaying incorrectly. The decimal points are displaying as zeroes. Any suggestions? http://www.nucleusfilms.com/
  12. Will the additional product fields become a future plugin we can use? Or is is still usable? We didn't make acopy of the skin.
  13. Currently running: v5.2.2 Mods/Ad-Ons: SemperFi - Related Items Chuggy Skins - Additional Product Fields Car Designs - Merchant Feed If I just go ahead and do the upgrade, will the site function OK without these add-ons? We'd really love to add the additional product fields back if possible. Can anybody offer any advide? We use the additional fields lo list the author etc, and have placed it in the Product Details section.
  14. In the general settings where we list the address, can this be found on the front end of the website?
  15. Could it be added to a future version as a default option?
  16. Is it possible to apply a coupon discount to a category as a whole, rather than having to add individual products? We have so many it would take hours adding them all individually.
  17. Could these changes be added to the next version of Cubecart as standard?
  18. Is it something I could do? I thought the idea of plugins was that you didn't need to make any code changes?
  19. I guess the best thing to do would be to upgrade to the latest version, which will mean losing the mods. I can't face going through the hassle of adding them back again as they were all code edits and not true plugins. The main mod which was useful was the "Additional Product Fields" (we added an "author" field, among other things) - is there another way of achieving this without a mod? Is there a plugin available, or was it already a plugin? I can't remember. Perhaps somebody could talk me through what I need to do to upgrade to the latest version of CC, and overwrite the code edit mods?
  20. Some customers can't add items to the cart, others can't check out. It's very frustrating. Some example emails: Meanwhile, other customers are able to buy items no problem. Can anybody help? Could these bugs be fixed by ditching the mods and upgrading to the latest version of CubeCart? website: www.fabpress.com (v5.2.2)
  21. When I click "Upgrade Now" I get a white page. admin.php?_g=maintenance&upgrade=5.2.16#upgrade
  22. It's as per the default setting, "£". All the currencies just use the character and not code. Should I change it to &pound; ?
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