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  1. Thank you @bsmither that was really helpful as i had the placed the files in the wrong folder. It is now working.
  2. I've just tried to install the Bank Transfer extension but it failed to install via token and when i manually installed it i got an error that "Extension has missing or corrupt config.xml file". Will this be fixed?
  3. Amazing! Thank you that is so helpful. I will take a look.
  4. A website is running version 6 and currently only in catalogue mode. They would like customers to be able to add products to their cart and submit the potential order. This is due to the size and weight of their products, as well as shipping destination, shipping costs varies too much to have it included online. Once they recieve an order they will manually check shipping costs and speak to the customer directly to see if they want to go ahead. Is there anyway this can be done?
  5. Hi there, I look after a website that uses cubecart v6 in catalogue mode. The cubecart software is currently installed at the root level of "public_html" folder. We want to make some major updates without the site going down or being disrupted. Is it possible to have a second version of cubecart running from another folder to work on and then when we are ready to go live take the old site down and use the new version? Thanks Amanda
  6. Hi, I am using the foundation skin (customised) on CC6 but when i view the website from a mobile phone the text is positioned right up against the edge of the screen. I assume i need to make a change to the css to get some padding in. Can anyone offer any advice. Thanks
  7. Hi, I have recently upgraded to v6 and since then i have experienced some issues around custom coded features that worked on previously versions of cubecart. The site is catalog only (has been running for several years now), currently has v6.0.6 and is using a modified foundation skin. I got some help from this forum in the past which has resulted in some hard coding being added in so all prices are displayed with "+ GST". For products with no price "Call for price" displays. The issue since upgrading from v5 to v6 is that now for products with no price it displays "Call for price + GST". catalogue.class.php I replaced this line of code: $product['price'] = $GLOBALS['tax']->priceFormat($product['price']); with this: if ($product['price'] == "0.00") { $product['price'] = "Call for price"; } else { $product['price'] = $GLOBALS['tax']->priceFormat($product['price']); } cubecart.class.php I replaced this line of code: $product['price'] = $GLOBALS['tax']->priceFormat($product['price']); with this: if ($product['price'] == "0.00") { $product['price'] = "Call for price"; } else { $product['price'] = $GLOBALS['tax']->priceFormat($product['price']); } In the skin template files - content.category.php and content.product.php, i have the following code in to display the price {if $product.ctrl_sale}<span class="old_price">{$product.price}{if $product.price_unformatted ne "0.00"} + GST{/if}</span> <span class="sale_price">{$product.sale_price}</span> {else} {$product.price}{if $product.price_unformatted ne "0.00"} + GST{/if} {/if} If anyone has any ideas why this is now occurring and a fix i would really appreciate it. Thanks
  8. Hi, I upgraded to v6.0.4 last month and since then i have not been able to back up the files through admin panel. Every back up produces the same results which is a 0.02KB file that is not packaged properly and can't be extracted. I have just updated to v6.0.6 today and i am still getting the same issue. I know i can still back up through hosting but i used to use this feature all the time so i am not sure why it no longer works. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that its now working perfectly. I ended up using <h1>{$PRODUCT.price}{if $PRODUCT.price_unformatted ne "0.00"} + GST{/if}</h1> in the skin and its exactly what i was after from the beginning. Thanks again for you help!
  10. I've been trying a number of things and still no luck but i am wondering if i should try and do this through classes not skin - would this work? To get the "POA" to appear i edited the catalogue.class.php and cubecart.cless.php files as follows: Original code: $product['price'] = $GLOBALS['tax']->priceFormat($product['price']); Edited code: if ($product['price'] == "0.00") { $product['price'] = "POA"; } else { $product['price'] = $GLOBALS['tax']->priceFormat($product['price']); }
  11. damn...I cleared cache but unfortunately its still not working. I've double checked everything but it all looks like you have said to do. I'll have another look back through my files to triple check now. Would there be anything else i should be checking? Sorry to be difficult.
  12. Hi there, I think i must be doing something wrong as i am still getting "POA + GST" after i added in the below code as suggested: Posted Today, 01:28 AM We will use these: $PRODUCT.price_unformatted $PRODUCT.sale_price_unformatted If these are not empty, so to speak, will print the +GST. <h1><span class="price_previous">{$PRODUCT.price} {if !empty($PRODUCT.price_unformatted)}+ GST{/if}</span><span class="price_sale">{$PRODUCT.sale_price} {if !empty($PRODUCT.sale_price_unformatted)}+ GST{/if}</span></h1> <h1>{$PRODUCT.price}{if !empty($PRODUCT.price_unformatted)} + GST{/if}</h1> __________ Is this because i have the code for converting $0.00 to POA in catelogue.class.php as below: $product['price_unformatted'] = $product['price']; $product['sale_price_unformatted'] = $product['sale_price']; if ($product['price'] == "0.00") { $product['price'] = "POA";
  13. Thanks so much for your speedy response bsmither. I hard coded in the skin files. It was the below code in the content.product.php. <div id="price"> <p>{if $PRODUCT.ctrl_sale}</p> <h1><span class="price_previous">{$PRODUCT.price} + GST</span><span class="price_sale">{$PRODUCT.sale_price}</span> + GST</h1> {else} <h1>{$PRODUCT.price} + GST</h1> {/if} </div> If you can guide me as to what logic i need here that would be brilliant. Thanks again.
  14. I am currently setting up my first cubecart (It will run in catalog mode only). Of the products, 70% have prices and the other 30% you need to contact the company directly for a price. I didn't want the price to appear as $0.00 so following another topic in the forums i changed the code so on products with no prices it displays as "POA". This is working perfectly. For the products with prices, I need it to display as "$24.95 + GST" and i managed to do this by hard coding in the "+ GST". The issue i now have is for the products with no price i get "POA + GST" How can i get the "+ GST" to only appear where there is an actual price? Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I am using CubeCart-5.2.1 and its a clean install)
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