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Page content not displaying on mobile devices


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I have this website https://mplastics.com.au/ (running on 6.5.3 using Basix template)

It was working so i am not sure when this occured but now the page is blank below the header. You can still access the drop down menu but it won't load the page.

I feel like there is something obvious i am missing but i just can't see it. Would appreciate any suggestions.


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Without allowing javascript to run (which I always do when first visiting an unknown site), I get the complete page -- laid out according to the CSS rules for "xs" width.

I do notice that the images do not scale down as the width of the screen gets slimmer. For the image tag, adding style="max-width:100%;" will fix this. This could be done in the Homepage document, having the editor show advanced properties of the image.

However, when enabling javascript, the page still seems to be complete -- and the LightSlider is taking care of the image scaling.

The above was the homepage. Viewing a category or product, I see what you are describing.

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So, there is this line of code:

<div id="element-breadcrumbs" class="hidden-xs">

There needs to be a matching </div> right after it. (I think.) At least, that allows the rest of the page to be visible on screens at "xs" width.

There may be more.

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Double check to make sure that the Basix template element.breadcrumb.php has not been edited.

My comment above about needing </div> where I said it should be is not correct.

Make sure that the last five lines of that template is:



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I have a similar issue with the basix skin since upgrade to 6.5.3
Okay on desktop but on mobile the navigation links
 Shop by Category
 Advanced Search
disappear so no access to product categories. 
I reinstalled the latest basx skin and checked the above suggestions.

Any assistance gratefully received

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What I see is the store logo and shopping basket icon, then a cyan bar with a three-line menu icon on the left and a magnify icon on the right.

Clicking on the menu icon will cause a hidden section to slide down into view. The first line in this new section is "Shop by Category" and when clicked on, will cause a hidden list to slide down into view.

I see nothing obviously wrong.

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Hi Yes thank you for looking. The image is from my A54. Using Chrome's 'Inspect' option the three bars are present.




Looks like a Chrome issue on Android. Works fine in Firefox on mobile.


Update 2
Cleared Chrome cache on A54 and all working. Sorry to waste your time and thanks again for looking at it.

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Comparing what I see vs the image above, not only is the menu icon missing, so is the search icon and the shopping basket icon.

This suggests that, for some reason, the SVG file that contains the code to draw icons is either not getting fetched from your site, or the browser on the A54 is incapable of understanding how to process SVG image files.

Other differences is that the telephone number is bold in the image above, it is not showing bold for me - although the HTML has <b> tags surrounding it, and a CSS rule exists for 'b' tags. Even when I force the issue, the phone number will not display bold. And that is really, really weird!

Well, I just disallowed my browser to use fonts supplied by Google. The phone number got bold. Now I can't get my browser to go back to the way it was. Oh, well. Weird!

Have you seen this situation on other devices/browsers?


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