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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have checked all these and there's nothing that would be affecting these products or their categories. I've also checked with the customer and they aren't using any coupons or discount codes. Any other ideas? Thanks again.
  2. Hello, When a particular customer places an order on the site the VAT is not added to the total price for some products. I have set up the store to add VAT to each product I upload automatically, and have also checked each individual products to ensure the standard tax rate applies. When I put the products in my basket the VAT is added as it should, it's just this one customer who isn't being charged VAT. I was wondering if there is an option somewhere else which could be affecting this? I've checked them in the customer list but can't see anything. Any help would be massively appreciated. I can provide any required information. Thanks very much! George
  3. Is it possible to set the default tax setting to a tax class that I have made? I've made a 'standard tax' option of 20% for VAT but didn't know whether or not I could set this to be on by default. Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys, I'll put these points to my employer and see what he says. We only have one or two videos so I'm assuming the bandwidth shouldn't be a massive issue.
  5. Al, that did help greatly. Got it working after adding <video> tags. Thanks alot, that's a great weight lifted from my shoulders. Personally I think a YouTube link works better but it's not my call. Ian, I'm not sure. This is my first real life website experience so I'm taking it one step at a time. I will raise these issues when I speak to the sites founder. Thank you both again, I am forever in your debt! George
  6. Hi all, My employer has tasked me with embedding a product demo video on a product page. I've had no trouble using the YouTube video however he has decided he wants the original file embedded to remove any association with YouTube. The code I used for the YouTube version worked fine. This was: <p> <iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="214" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/LbAYBlrFhjI?feature=player_detailpage" width="380"></iframe> </p> I attempted altering the "src" to the files location on our server: https://www.leegodbold.com/public_html/video/kitsoundsonar.mp4 and https://www.leegodbold.com/public_html/video/kitsoundsonar.ogv However I get several error messages telling me that the sites security certificate is not valid, please contact the webmaster etc etc. Is there another way to embed the video? A way which I wouldn't have to deal with the security certificate and such other business. Any advice, positive or negative, would be really appreciated. I'm totally stumped as it stands as I'm not yet a pro with html. Thanks very much! George B
  7. I've decided to change the box.sale_items.php file as I like to keep my changes as seperate from the existing code as possible. I do have one more question. This method doesnt show the product images. Do you happen to know the code piece I would need to include to get them to display? Once again, thank you very much.
  8. Great, thank you very much. I'll give it a go and hopefully it doesn't crash their website and ruin the business. Yeah I understand this. The site is not new but I am new to it. There are already a few mods which have been made which is why I havn't upgraded yet; I'm not confident I'll be able to complete the whole process, replace the current mods while keeping everything up and running. For now I'll bodge it with some code edits and worry about it later. I appreciate your sentiments though, so thanks.
  9. Brilliant, thanks a lot. The drawbacks aren't too much of an issue as I'll be changing them manually anyway as they don't want them randomised. I do have another question though. I have found this snippet in the source code when right clicking it on Firefox, but I'm not sure of where to edit the source to make changes to the site. Do you mean use this code in the main.php file in place of {$SALE_ITEMS}? Or is there a file where I can directly edit the source code? Sorry I'm new to this CubeCart business. Thanks again!
  10. Hello everyone. I've been tasked with changing the items in the On Sale sidebar. Is there any way to specify which items are displayed? It's been displaying the same 5 products since the site was set up and I see nowhere in the admin screen that will allow me to change them. I was hoping there is piece of code somewhere that I could directly edit but after searching I can't find anything. I'm running v5.2. Any guidence would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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