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  1. Thank you so much for that hairydog. As I hadn't received a response on here since November, and obviously Al has not got any feedback from Richmond, I'd given up on the problem. However what you've said will rekindle my interest in trying to resolve things. The site is still not functional because of the problem. Many thanks to you. I'll let you know if I can get it on it's feet. All the best, G.
  2. Ah - that's a relief, I was doubting whether it was a DB problem. From what you say Brian, it couldn't be the database. I checked ' /includes/global.inc.php' and everything there seems to match up to the DB details. The strange thing is that this just happened suddenly - everything was working fine before. I still get this error message when I try to enter the shop front. Can't get into the Admin dashboard either. One thing I will try, is to delete the index.html file that's in the same directory as the index.php file. Although that's hasn't been a problem in the past, I wonder if there's a glitch there somewhere? Thanks Brian, G.
  3. Looks like a case of scrubbing everything and starting from scratch. Can't 'repair' the database tables either, because the server uses an InnoDB storage engine . I think I'm chasing my tail here, and wasting valuable time. Fresh load of CC - delete the DB & start again I think is the best option - it looks like a horrible one. I'm giving up on it - unless someone comes up with some ideas. Cheers, G.
  4. Thanks Brian, That makes sense i.e. it may be something at the heart of the hosting environment that has changed. The hosting company is Hostgator. The text editor I use is Notepad++ Do you think that if I FTPd the original 'mysqli.class.php' file back to the directory on the server - thereby overwriting the corrupt version on there - that it could resolve this problem? Take care, G.
  5. Thanks Brian, But the site was working fine, until the site owner encountered this problem out of the blue. The error message is the same whether you try to access the shop front using the URL address, or try to log into the admin dashboard. That file on my server has "* MySQLi database controller" on line 33. I've attached a copy of the whole file for you to look at. All the best, G. mysqli.class
  6. Hi everyone. Still haven't sorted out the payment gateway problem using Stripe. They keep on saying that it's a problem for Cube Cart. Anyway, this is a totally new problem. Someone else that I installed Cube Cart for has contacted me, saying he can't get into the front or back-end of his site. Here's the error message that's thrown up: Any pointers as to what the problem may be? And how I should go about tackling it? I'm very confused with this bit "(using password: YES)" - where did that come from? I have no record of using a password called "YES". Also on looking at classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 33 - there is no coding on that line! A bit confused and need a helping hand to point me in the right direction please. Thanks, G.
  7. Thanks Al, Have you got time for a bit of 'deep investigation'? For the time being, would you agree that it would be a good idea to totally delete the current Stripe extension, download it again, and give it a second airing?.After all it could have been a corrupted download. This is especially the case as Stripe can see nothing wrong at their end and suggest that it's a site developer's problem (meaning CC in their context, as the extension has been developed by CC programmers). Conversely, CC maintains that the Stripe gateway is perfectly fit for purpose. So the weak link would appear to possibly be a corrupted download of the original extension. G.
  8. Hi Ian, Thank you very much for that (I was beginning to wonder if I'd become invisible!). As it happens we had a reply response from Stripe's technical support team yesterday. Here's a copy of the contents: From what Brian from Stripe has written, it would appear that the core problem lies within the Stripe payment gateway extension developed by Cube Cart. Whether it's an inherent problem in the CC developers Stripe extension, or possibly a glitch encountered by a corrupted download I don't know. My first reaction is to delete the downloaded extension and start again, however I thought it would beprudent to get comments from the CC community before I embark on anything 'new'. Thanks, Gwilym.
  9. No joy? Anyway, I'm still struggling :-( Just a quick update. On trying to make a test mode transaction (see the first screenshot above). I'm finding that when I enter the hypothetical card No. for test purchases issued by Stripe, after entering 4242 4242 - (or similar) as soon as the second set of numbers are typed a 'Zip' code field appears. This field will only accept US codes. When an UK post code is inserted it ignores the letters (e.g. AA11 2BB) only 11 will be shown in the field. I can't see why this happens. I've even unticked the Post code/ Zip code required tick box in the Stripe extension module on the site, but it still requests a Zip code at the checkout. Any ideas why? Am I missing something obvious here? Or is it a setting that needs to be changed on the Stripe dashboard for the account on their site. I'm stuck, because I can't get replies from Stripe, as the e-mail address used to set the account up is on my son's e-mail programme on his lap-top and he's gone away to visit a sick relative. So whilst I can contact Stripe I don't have access to their replies. HELP!
  10. Thanks Al, I presume the account has been approved/ certified. When I go to our account on Stripe's site and log-in, the Stripe dashboard shows that all necessary requirements are certified. If I try to make a test purchase in 'Test' mode (checked in the gateway module on our site) I firstly get this page when I progress to 'checkout' : When the card details are inputted & the "Make Payment" button clicked I get a blank white page. When a test purchase is attempted with the test mode box unchecked in the payment gateway module (live mode), I get this page, which as you can see does not allow card details to be inputted: Does that shed any light on the problem for you? Thanks, G.
  11. I've downloaded the 'Stripe' extension in the Cube Cart back office. I've opened an account with Stripe and everything is verified, however I'm having a few problems. I presume that all the coding provided by Stripe for the creation of a checkout page is already catered for as functions within the Stripe dashboard in the Cube Cart integration extension for Stripe? I've got the API 'test' & 'live' keys from Stripe, and inputted them into the appropriate fields in the CC extension's dashboard. I can test run payments in 'Test' mode, but cannot get payments to work in 'Live' mode. Any suggestions? I've gone through most of the documentation in the dashboard created for the account I've set-up on the Stripe site, but I have to admit I'm finding it rather tough going, because it it is very technically heavy, and seems to be geared to developers using the system from the ground up, and not for people like me who are working with an integration module within the CC environment. I've never used Stripe before so I'm starting from a low base of knowledge, as it is all very unfamiliar to me. Can I ask for a few tips on what I need to do please? If I can't get it to work I'll have to contact Stripe's technical support. However I thought it would be a good idea to pass the problem by you guys first. One of you will probably have a working knowledge of using Stripe with CC. Incidentally the domain used for the 'shop' does not have an SSL certificate. I doubt if this is a problem, because I presume that all sensitive data is transmitted and received by Stripe's servers and no sensitive data would be stored on my server. Is this correct? Or does integration with the Snipe payment gateway require an SSL certified connection to function? Thanks, G.
  12. The natives are restless in the western hemisphere Al!
  13. LOL! Yep - you've hit the nail squarely on it's head Brian. Corporate money and flaming LAWYERS! Not much room to live a simple & quiet life outside of the greedy madness anymore.
  14. Thanks Brian, Al & ayz1. How can one type of goods be more of a risk when processing payments than another type of goods? What miffs me more is that Braintree have had a bit of a secretive involvement in all of this. They have been vague and not very transparent, cagey is the word I would use. Yet they tell us that PayPal (who owns Braintree) can offer a service as long as you pay for it - even giving us a phone number to talk to someone from their Website Payments Pro - Payment Gateway team. So how does that compound on the 'risk' factor? Surely if selling jewellery on-line is a higher security risk, then the risk remains the same whether the transaction is through PayPal's other gateway services or through their Braintree system. I've considered Stripe, the only thing that holds me back is that PayPal is such a popular method of payment and is better recognised by the public. Most people have some experience of using PayPal (eBay etc.) and tend to trust it better when dealing with a small unknown concern selling on-line. When paying someone like Amazon they trust the selling company - regardless of the method used for payment, because of the size of the company doing the selling But possibly needs must and we may land up with Stripe in the end (assuming they don't also have issues with certain types of businesses). Where the 'high risk' comes in I don't know. It then dawned on me (a little Eureka moment) - it could have something to do with the three domain (3D) secure feature. The 3D service moves responsibility away from the payments recipient it's called 'Liability Shift'. They say the main benefit to companies using the 3D Secure scheme is the availability of a liability shift for a successfully verified transaction, but that's just a bit of candy, the main key reason is it offers protection by the card issuers against chargebacks as the liability is assumed. Interesting. So I guess Braintree don't implement 3D but PayPal's 'Website Payments Pro' probably does, and then charges £20/ month for the privilege. Hmm Stripe is starting to look a lot more tempting all of a sudden. I'm still annoyed at Braintree's lack of clarity and transparency in all of this. Why not come clean and tell people up front, instead of messing about with vague answers and wasting the site owner's valuable time? I still can't see how an on-line jewellery store is assessed as a higher security risk though. Why is life made so unnecessarily complicated these days?
  15. Hi All. I've been setting up an on-line jewellery store for my son (please click HERE). Everything is fine, nicely customised revved up and ready to go. BUT I've run into a log-jam with Braintree PayPal. I had installed the Braintree extension, went through the Braintree questionnaire, and made a test purchase, everything seemed OK but the payment stalled somewhere. I contacted Braintree and got told that we need to make one completed purchase before the system was fully functional. I thought it a bit strange, but carried on. Made another test purchase, this time the amount got taken from the credit/ debit card account with the bank, but didn't show up as a payment in the PayPal account. More phone calls and a lot of ducking & weaving and a reluctance to divulge anything by Braintree. A few days later a refund for the test purchase was refunded into the card account used for the test purchase. It was getting curiouser and curiouser. Today someone from Ireland contacted us to say that Braintree had declined the service to us! When asked why we were told that it was because on-line jewellery sites are considered high risk???? Consequently we can't use the Braintree payment gateway. When pushed further on this issue, the person on the other end simply answered "I don't know". When asked what payment gateway they would suggest instead of Braintree we were told that we should contact PayPal to set up a 'Pro' (?) service that costs £20.00 per month! I know it's not a lot, but WHY - again we got the "I don't know reply". I'm posting the tale of woe on here to see if anyone has past experience of a similar nature, and if so perhaps they can throw some light on the matter, as Braintree seem too tight lipped to give any in depth explanation. Maybe someone on here can suggest a solution or recommend a gateway that I can use which works well & doesn't cost the earth. Thanks, G.
  16. Did you submit your list as an update to Github keat? I know it's a relatively easy task to edit the list in the 'Country/ Zones' section in the back office (once you realise it can be done), but in reality it should be a little more accurate in the first place. The default list is impressive but slightly inaccurate at present. If Ceredigion was 'not on your radar', then here's a list of the counties in Wales. Incidentally, Wales is not listed as a country either - it's just lumped in under UK, which is also not quite accurate. Here's a list: These are all counties associated with post codes.
  17. Sorted! A simple task in the end. The admin accounts have also been changed to show the replaced county by editing the address book details of the accounts. I've also raised the issue at Github. Many thanks once again.
  18. Thank you Brian. As usual, you've come to the rescue. Now is the time to do it, because the site is not officially launched yet, so there are are no bone fide registered accounts - apart from a couple that have ben set up by admin for testing purposes. I think I will create a Github issue with regards to replacing Cardiganshire with Ceredigion, because the county of Cardiganshire was abolished in 1974 by the Local Government Act 1972 — and it was succeeded by the renamed county of Ceredigion on the 2nd of April 1996. So whoever compiled the database of counties in Cube Cart must have been drawing on a very old reference. It's not very professional to give a choice of a county name that's over twenty years out of date! Especially as a considerable amount of business is expected in from Ceredigion.
  19. Hi All. Can anyone point me in the direction of the file I need to edit to correct a county name in the drop-down menu when registering an account in a CC v6 web-ste? The home county of the site owner is actually incorrect. 'Cardiganshire' is no more. It has been called 'Ceredigion' for a considerable number of years. I need to change it to rectify this mistake. Many thanks in advance - G.
  20. It worked a treat Brian! Check it out at http://welshgolds.co.uk/shop
  21. Fantastic Brian - you've come up trumps again! I'll have a bash tomorrow & let you know how it pans out. Thanks. G
  22. Sorry to be a pain again! I'd like to change the colours of all buttons etc. from blue to #CB5B06. I.e. everything that's blue in the foundation skin, I'd like to change to this colour - including the wording in the footer section. I need to know what files to edit. Thanks! The site under construction is at http://welshgolds.co.uk/shop/ G.
  23. If you're really keen to know, I'll set-up a temp admin profile for you. Quickly end me an e-mail to gwilym1'at'sccambria.com and I'll reply with the details. As you're on the Pacific Coast and I'm quite a few hours ahead of you in Wales, you'll have time to fiddle whilst I'm asleep! It's already past my bed-time. G.
  24. Thank you my friend. That seals it then - I'll delete the whole of the original installation tomorrow & start afresh with a new upload I think that would be a preferred option to reloading the admin skin and then possibly finding it doesn't solve the problem after the effort. It would be nice to know what caused the problem though, but some things you have to let through the net and put it down to an unsolved mystery experience. Here's hoping it doesn't rear it's head again. Take care, all the best, G.
  25. The submit (labelled 'Save') button does not change in shading but a faint outline line is visible when it is hovered over. However this is exactly the same when a 'Save' submit button is hovered over on a section that works. Here are some screen shots again: 1. Store settings 'Save' button (notice where it is located - well away from the form and tucked in the bottom left hand corner) normal view: 2. Store settings 'Save' button when hovered over: 3. Screenshot of a section where the 'Save' button works: 4. Same scenario when 'Save' button is hovered over: From your comments, I would opt for the possibility of the JS having crashing on this page. Although the button for the store settings is in a strange place and appears to be under the footer tray area of the page. As it is only just installed, with no categories or products loaded and a minimal amount of customising, I'm tempted to just start from scratch. I'm fairly convinced that if a Java Script has broken, then it may be when I attempted to install a theme. The problem seems to have coincided with that task. What do you think? I could spend a lot more time chasing my tail with a malfunction than the time it will take for a fresh install. G.
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