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  1. The v3 URLs I believe will forward to the correct page in v5. However the URLs are different in v5. I recommend submitting the sitemap to Google as soon as you can upon upgrade to assist Google in updating the indexed URLs.
  2. There is a line you can add (or remove) to stop addthis from using a cookie. Check the addthis site for details ;)
  3. Try doing a repair on the table, use phpmyadmin. It could just be a minor server corruption, as the message does mentioning the MYI file, and says to repair it.
  4. Very nice. Don't forget to turn on the search engine friendly URLs, and change the favicon.
  5. Any changes you make to customise CubeCart is in the remit of the third-party forum. CubeCart have made it clear in the past that any customisations to CubeCart are not supported in this forum allowing them to concentrate on supporting the core product and code they created. The third-party forum is not just for those commercial developers, it's for any CubeCart customisation discussions.
  6. The nature of changing the functionality of something from the standard code is a modification. This forum supports the core product only, the third-party forum supports customisation.
  7. This is not a feature of the core product, therefore your enquiries should be directed to the third-party forum. What you're asking for is support for a v4 mod that you are trying to install in v5. This won't work as v4 is completely different to v5. CubeCartForums.org is the place to go.
  8. Yes there was a flash update which caused a lot of problems. You can either wait for the next update, or install an earlier version of flash. The latter might be difficult, so perhaps best to just wait for an update to fix it. This is not a CubeCart issue.
  9. Go through your payment process to see where the $5 is being added. It's probably being added by your PayPal account, so check your PayPal settings. If you want to hire someone, you need to visit the third-party forum and ask there. That's the correct place.
  10. You can submit a sales ticket for licensing issues. You don't need to have support credits.
  11. Yes as long as it's on the same domain or sub domain. Otherwise, you can just ask for it to be reset.
  12. Isn't the bug to do with the shipping being incorrect? refunding the order usually means the order is cancelled, and is a useful feature. This is a feature of v4 as well.
  13. Third-party documentation will help...SMARTY Skin Breakdown. Look for 'main.php'.
  14. Official support is through their helpdesk NOT the forum. The forum is for community support, and the community may not know the answer.
  15. Have you used their helpdesk or relied on this forum?
  16. Official support is through their helpdesk NOT the forum. The forum is for community support, and the community may not know the answer.
  17. CubeCart v3 is no longer supported in this forum. You need to visit the third-party forum for support. Regards
  18. This is the information Devellion announced 2 years ago when v5 beta was released, and 12 months ago when v5 was officially released. V3 and V4 will both continue to work (as long as server configurations allow it to), and they are both supported in the third-party forum.
  19. You need to run the upgrader on the database to upgrade it from v4 to v5. Just ensure the table prefix is correct, database username and password is correct, and the details within the global file are correct to access your v4 database. Also ensure your images are in the correct places, a long with the ini.inc.php file. You should follow the v5 upgrade notes.
  20. This is not a standard feature in v4, therefore you need to ask in the third-party forum, or ask the author of the mod.
  21. "without losing nothing?" you want to lose something? odd... ok, you'll lose mods, any customisation and your skin. There are upgrade instructions supplied with v5. Do a test upgrade offline to ensure you have lost what you want to lose.
  22. V4 licenses will not be available. And it will not be free. V5 will be the only version supported.
  23. Move the products and sub categories out of them, then delete them.
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