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  1. 'content/confirmed.tpl' is for after order completion, the confirmation page. You want 'content/cart.tpl' for the checkout page, just prior to when you chose the payment method. There is documentation ;)
  2. I did, but not had time to respond. I'm not sure why one site is listed better than the other, perhaps the search term relates better to a page on the new site... is there a page on your older site relevant to your search criteria? It could be the product in question was on the front page latest products at the time it was indexed, or someone posted a link to that product on a heavily crawled public forum. Any number of reasons, which might just boil down to luck ;)
  3. What versions of CubeCart are you talking about? what are the URLs?
  4. CubeCart 5.0.7 is the latest release (31st January), and fixes some v4 upgrade issues.
  5. You need to upgrade your v4 store to the latest release, v4.4.6. Your version is not secure. I think 'Do not allow out of stock purchases' only removes the 'add to cart' button.
  6. You need either Ioncube or Zend installed on the server by your hosting company, for CubeCart to run. You should contact your hosting company.
  7. Probably a license key issue. Ensure '/includes/extra/' is set to CHMOD 777, and delete 'key.php' within it.
  8. CubeCart v3 is nolonger supported in this forum as it was retired a year ago. You should post in the third-party forum where support can be provided. Thanks.
  9. Try the Language pages in Admin, 'Content' section, look for the confirmation page entry.
  10. Have you asked 'getprice' if Googlebase or Shopping.com feeds are compatible?
  11. Maybe you need to use the Flexible taxes after all, my mistake. I'm not sure why you would want to charge the world VAT.... But as an alternative solution, if everyone must have VAT applied what about adding the products to the store as inclusive of tax?
  12. Don't use 'Flexible Taxes'. That should do it I think.
  13. Something similar is already in there. Look in the template for the comment section after the LI code.
  14. I've had this before. The solution for me was to save the store config page and clear the browser cache.
  15. Mod requests should be directed to the third-party forum. This forum is for core product community support only. Thanks.
  16. It could be the browser customer session times out. Just a guess.
  17. You need to upgrade, trying to fix an old release when the latest release has already encountered and fixed this is pointless. I'm just guessing that it's been fixed in the latest release, but an upgrade should be your first step.
  18. They have started spamming this forum with links, so based on that I would not rate them as very ethical. Just my opinion based on my experience.
  19. You'll need a modification for this, so you'll need to visit/ask the third-party forum: cubecartforums.org. This forum is for core product community support only.
  20. The only control over downloads is the number of downloads, and period they are available. You may have been through every seller on cubecartforums.org, however cubecartforums.org is the place to enquire and discuss modifications to CubeCart. This forum supports the core product only. Thanks
  21. This is only achievable with a third-party mod, so you should post at cubecartforums.org.
  22. Yes it's possible. I've used the JS script from v4 in a v5 skin to control the menu, works nicely from what I can tell. You just need to reapply the template styling classes accordingly.
  23. You need to contact your hosting company for their guidence and instructions.
  24. Add zend to the includes/global.inc.php' file, replacing ioncube.
  25. You can get a copy of v4.2.2 direct from Devellion, just put in a sales ticket. I would recommend applying the changes to v4.4.6. There have been a lot of optimisations since v4.2.2, including a company address change affecting almost every PHP file.
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