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  1. The first critical issue is not something I have seen before. I am guessing the context is that you have an add-on where customers can make offers on your inventory, and a new database table has been created ('offers') to log them. That database table has a column ('itemCondition' - which is not a CubeCart naming format) that has been coded to hold only a few specific words - anything else is not valid. If all of the above is the case, then a conversation with the publisher of the add-on will be required. But then, I am not following the "structured data" code in the templates, and how CubeCart populates that data.
  2. No POST section in debug when attempting to log in..... Soooo weird! I've never really had an issue with cookies - they are critical at maintaining session continuity just like any other site - except when a new server was unknowingly deleting session files every half-hour causing me to become logged out for no apparent reason (not the browser's fault).
  3. Please be aware that there may be two distinct parts to the Debug section. The second part, if present, starts after the SQL queries and "Page Load Time" of the first part. There has to be a POST: section - especially for the browser that the login succeeds. That's where the username and password values are to be found. But for Chrome to report that there are undefined indexes USERNAME and PASSWORD certainly suggests that the Chrome browser is not sending any POST. Do you have a password manager addon auto-filling login forms (such as Dashlane)? Earlier in this conversation, I suggested using the browser's Developer Tools. Have you explored the traffic on the tools' Network tab?
  4. The SESSION: is expected to have not as much in it when logging in is not working as it should. Please compare POST: for any differences.
  5. Let's try this: Log in (apparently using Firefox). In Store Settings, Advanced tab, enable Debug mode and enter your local IP address in the next field (www.showmyip.com). (This allows only you to see the debug info.) Log out, then use Chrome to (try to) log in. When you get the log in screen after that attempt, view the debug info at the bottom of the page. You should see: Debug Output This can be disabled via "Store Settings" » "Advanced" (Tab) » "Enable Debugging". PHP: [USERNotice] /xxx/classes/admin.class.php:438 - Possible Phishing attack - Redirection to 'http://www.zzz.com/admin.php?_g=login' is not allowed. Please check the value of 'Store URL' in the SSL section of your store settings. GET: 'Before Sanitise:' => 'After Sanitise:' => POST: 'username' => user 'password' => pass 'redir' => http://www.zzz.com/admin.php?_g=login 'login' => Log In 'token' => 32 character hash Then, there will be another, second debug section but probably will not contain anything of interest. But examine it anyway. You should also compare what you see using Chrome against what you see using Firefox.
  6. Please see: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/age-verification-splash-screen
  7. If the content does not depend on data from the database, make your edits to the skin template main.php.
  8. That would certainly depend on the skin. I see that you are using the Crosshatch skin. I also see that the links to the documents are of the form: /index.php?_a=document&doc_id=3 which CC6 generally replaces that with named URLs. So maybe you are using CubeCart 5? In the skin template main.php, there are two places that use the same results from the constructed {$SITE_DOCS} variable. To change the one but not the other, we need to replace the one variable with the HTML code used to construct that variable, making a change to exclude a specific element of the array. In main.php, near line 43, find (yours may not be exactly this): {$SEARCH_FORM} {$SITE_DOCS} Change to: {$SEARCH_FORM} <ul class="documents"> {if isset($DOCUMENTS) && count($DOCUMENTS) > 0} {foreach from=$DOCUMENTS item=document}{if $document.doc_id eq 3}{* skip T&C's *}{continue}{/if} <li><a href="{$document.doc_url}" title="{$document.doc_name}" {if $document.doc_url_openin}target="_blank" {/if}>{$document.doc_name}</a></li> {/foreach} {/if} {if isset($CONTACT_URL)} <li><a href="{$CONTACT_URL}" title="{$LANG.documents.document_contact}">{$LANG.documents.document_contact}</a></li> {/if} </ul> You may need to have CubeCart clear its internal cache.
  9. As an experiment, in admin, Store Settings, Layout tab, Skin Settings section, "Allow users to change front-end skin?", select Yes (Logged in admins only). Also, on the Features tab, Mailing List section, "Enable exit modal newsletter signup", make that unchecked -- assuming that the SFWS skin isn't doing this on its own. Save the changed settings and have CubeCart clear its internal cache. Then, as a logged in admin, you should see at the bottom of the screen a means to select the standard Foundation skin. (Non-admins will not be able to switch to any other skin.) Please determine if the anomaly still appears using the standard Foundation skin.
  10. I can say that on my Win7 laptop, Internet Explorer 11 properly adds items to the basket, and properly displays the results in the basket fade-in/out window. (I thought I had Chrome, but I must have removed it at some point in the past.) Let's use the browser's Developer Tools. The Tools are usually activated by F12. There will be a Network tab to see what is requested and what is returned. Have that ready to view when you click the Add to Basket button. Add a product to the basket (I added from the Latest Products on the Homepage). On the Network tab of the Developer Tools, highlight the /cucashop/?_g=ajaxadd POST line. Examine the details of the request and response. The request will be something like: quantity=1&add=156&token=#hashcode# The response will start with: <div id="mini-basket"> The response is actually the contents of the skin template: box.basket.php.
  11. Certainly if the Security Certificate knows only shop. but not shop2., then there will be problems. I think if the config settings got carried over and shop2 thinks SSL should always be enabled, then there will be a bounce to https, which, if the web server has only shop listening on port 443, then shop it will be. Get the admin login page in the browser. Then, make sure the login page is for shop2, and not https. If it is https, there may be a padlock that when clicked, the administration might proceed as non-https. But before you actually click to log in, use the browser's Developer Tools. The Tools are usually activated by F12. There will be a Network tab to see what is requested and what is returned. Have that in view when you click the Login button. You will see if there are any bounces and to where.
  12. Although there are work-arounds, if the copy is using the same database as the original store, there will be some weird issues. Having created a sub-domain, has the web server been configured to point the sub-domain to the copy's location?
  13. Please let us know what specific product, if anything specific, when added to the basket, causes this anomaly. Please let us know which, specifically, other browsers and their versions show this anomaly. On those other browsers, be sure to allow cookies. I also see that you are using SemperFi's Custom Foundation 5 skin. Please let us know, if possible, what version of CubeCart you first started using it. There may be updates, based on changes to the stock Foundation skin since that version, that should be applied to the SFWS skin.
  14. This is a known issue. See: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/3066 For the fix: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/58067-another-search-issue/
  15. With that many products, categories, and orders, I would expect a few tens of thousands of cache files. Again, having and using a cache is a good thing - thousands of files versus thousands of database queries. Please check on the other points discussed.
  16. The "open_basedir restriction" might be coming from a directive in the PHP.INI file that specifies what other directories to be included in PHP's ability to look for a file with a given name but not sure in what folder to look for it. Generally, this how autoloaders work - scan all available folders looking for object class files. Then, coupled with directives found elsewhere concerning "open_basedir" security enforcement (not necessarily setup by PHP), there will be conflicts. Suggest your hosting provider assist you with PHP.INI file's overly permissive "include_paths" directive (or similar named directive) vs. any open_basedir directive restriction. The cache directory is used to fetch results from prior database queries -- queries where the results are not likely to have changed in a few days. Depending on the amount of products, categories, documents, customers, etc, the total quantity of these files could be from a couple hundred to substantially more. CubeCart (and many, many other applications) use cached database results instead of continually hitting the actual database for content that would be considered static. This is good practice. The token error issue has had other forum posts regarding that: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/50749-error-token-was-not-recognised-or-has-expired/ The News block not appearing could be the result of using a much older version of CubeCart than what is current, or a setting from an older version has been carried over to the version you are currently using. In admin, Store Settings, Layout tab, Layout Settings section, the current value for "Default RSS URL for Admin Dashboard" is: https://forums.cubecart.com/forum/1-news-announcements.xml There may be a firewall issue??? Please let us know the exact version of CubeCart you are using.
  17. "offer free shipping on large $ orders" The same can be accomplished using the AIOS module. As an example, for a Shipping Zone for your immediate local area, you would add a Shipping Rate where the Shipping Price is zero when the Subtotal Limits exceed a value of 500.
  18. Just after the "Free Shipping for orders over" field in the "By Price" admin settings screen, there is "Shipping Cost." So, if this field is blank, the calculated shipping cost package is seen as zero. Is there a shipping cost value entered in the "Shipping Cost" field? Are there other shipping costs present in the list of available shipping methods on the customer's checkout screen? CubeCart will select and offer as a default choice from all the calculated shipping rates the cheapest rate found. However, latest versions of CubeCart offer an admin setting (admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Misc section, "Default Shipping Selection") for 'Cheapest, Cheapest but not free, or Most Expensive rate found.
  19. CubeCart does this now, and has for many prior versions.
  20. Just to confirm, did you fetch from Google a set of Site and Secret keys specific to towersecurity.co.uk? I would think so as that domain is in the response from the request. Only the Contact Us page sends an email to the admin using only Plain Text. And I see the Contact Us page is getting hit several times a day, spaced hours apart, with several of those attempts failing to send. I am no expert on Google's "ReCaptcha", so it wouldn't surprise me to see a well-behaved, technically competent spammer "fooling" Google so that it responds that all is well.
  21. No. Each module contributes its calculations package of rates to the overall collection of rates shown to the customer. However, if the customer adds a Discount Coupon at checkout that offers free shipping (see admin, Promotional Codes, create/edit a Promotional Code), then CubeCart cancels all available shipping options and sets the shipping cost to zero. Note: In admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Misc section, "Disable Shipping Groups", if checked, will hide which module each package of rates came from.
  22. The "By Price" module may not be what you actually want. It says, "Set a flat rate for shipping, with free shipping for orders over a defined amount." Just after the "Free Shipping for orders over" field, there is "Shipping Cost." So, if this field is blank, it is treated as zero. Thus, this module will offer zero-cost (not technically "free" as CubeCart sees it) shipping for any subtotal (subtracting the discount if any) less than the break-over point.
  23. The Homepage, Category, Product, and Site Doc page views look like what I know the Mobile skin looks like. I see no issue.
  24. Is there a web address so we can see the problem?
  25. According to this bug report: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/3050 a line of code was removed because when Stripe updated their API endpoint by removing something (not sure what 'payment_intent" is), there was no longer any place to put that item of data - "Payment for order ###" - which then crashed PHP. According to Stripe's documentation, you should be able to visit your Stripe Dashboard and specify which API version you want to be using -- quite probably 7.83.0. Then, use Stripe module version 3.0.7, which is currently coded to use the included API library version 7.83.0. Note: I have no way to test this.
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