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  1. There needs to be a review of the edits made to admin, /sources/order.index.inc.php. This file is the PHP code that will process and database the values for $_POST['venue_sold_site'], $_POST['all_order_date'], $_POST['all_delivery_date'], and $_POST['feedback'].
  2. That particular error is a result message from the database server. The database server has a special table that holds all the known timezones. However, a typical installation of the database server does not include populating this special table with a list of timezones. The person responsible for managing the database server (usually your hosting provider) is the only person who can get the table populated from this list. There are other conversations on this forum that discuss it, but ultimately, your hosting provider will need to deal with this. It is not unique to CubeCart. You can quiet the error notices by making these edits: /controllers/controller.index.inc.php /controllers/controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php Near line 28, find: $GLOBALS['db']->misc("SET @@time_zone = '".$time_zone."'", false, $debug); Change to: // $GLOBALS['db']->misc("SET @@time_zone = '".$time_zone."'", false, $debug);
  3. For future reference, a plain text file is preferred. So, you were wanting to look at Minnesota? That's what it said in the browser's address bar? Please make this edit and see if this fixes the situation. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/3128
  4. Please first check for entries logged in the admin, System Error Log. Next, enable debug mode (admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, then enter your local IP address in the next field - www.showmyip.com). Show the Minnesota category - which will want to show Illinois products. At the bottom of the page, scan through the database queries looking for the one that resembles the following: SELECT I.product_id FROM `CubeCart_category_index` as I, `CubeCart_inventory` as INV WHERE I.cat_id = 1 AND I.product_id = INV.product_id AND INV.status = 1 where 'I.cat_id = x' will have 'x' equal the actual cat_id of either Minnesota or Illinois.
  5. A Zone, for whatever purpose (i.e., having countries), but no shipping rates for that zone, will not have any rates to offer the customer to choose. Yes, the zone will match (Canada, for example), but there will be no rate available -- neither because, for any of the rates that could be supplied, none fit the conditions, nor because there are no rates at all. Thus (in later versions of AIOS), the module will try to match a rate's conditions listed in "Rest of World". So, short answer, a zone with no rates is as good as being disabled (suspended), and as good as having been deleted, and as good as not having been created at all. The point of the "Uncheck to Suspend" feature is to keep the zone with its list of rates intact, but to not use them.
  6. That "double-right-angle" and Edit icon on the Add new shipping rate line is definitely not supposed to be there. So, in the module's /skin/sdmin/shipping_rates.tpl, double check this line (broken apart for clarity): <tr> <td colspan="7"> <a href="#" class="aios-add"> <img src="{$SKIN_VARS.admin_folder}/skins/{$SKIN_VARS.skin_folder}/images/add.png" alt="{$LANG.all_in_one_shipping.add_rows}" title="{$LANG.all_in_one_shipping.add_rows}" width="16" height="16" border="0" style="padding:0 5px;" /> {$LANG.all_in_one_shipping.add_new_shipping_rates} </a> </td> </tr> Please remind us about when the sort-order on a rates panel was discussed. (Found it, early Feb 2018.) https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/53313-all-in-one-shipping-module-gets-its-rates-sorted/ If a sort order fails to 'stick', either the database is missing the new column, 'sort_order', in the CubeCart_shipping_rates table, or the code to process the sort_order went missing. Your local zip-code zone vs your state zone gets their priorities set from the drag-n-drop order as they appear, top to bottom, on the Shipping Zones tab.
  7. The database table name "cc_shipping_zones" is not the same as "cc_CubeCart_shipping_zones". After clicking 'Go', did you get a red banner, or a blue banner beneath the "Query Database (Advanced)" tab?
  8. Did you make the alteration to the database table?
  9. This can be simplified: ($product.quantity * $product.cost_price / $product.quantity) is like: A*B --- A The rules of algebra will have the A variables cancel each other. But if {$product.quantity} is zero, that will cause a serious problem.
  10. If using Firefox, there may be a way to find the fault. Other browsers may or may not do this as well. On this page, right click with the mouse. There may be a menu option to show the page source. If so, click that choice and new window will open. This window will show the page's source - hopefully color-coded. Scroll through the code looking for anything in a bright red color.
  11. There is nothing wrong with the code posted above.
  12. "is still showing as way above in the first post" I do not understand this. Your original post shows a selected area screen capture that obviously the CSS is not getting applied to any of the page. Is that still happening? The code posted above seems to be that of two tables, basically side-by-side if the browser window is wide enough. However, the last two lines of code suggests that you are ending a table that encloses the previously mentioned two tables. But there is no beginning code to start that enclosing table.
  13. Please try this edit. (I haven't verified this myself.) In the file /controllers/controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php: Find: //Initialize Catalogue $GLOBALS['catalogue'] = Catalogue::getInstance(); Add after: // Instantiate Cart $GLOBALS['cart'] = Cart::getInstance(); This particular white screen situation hasn't been found in prior versions because it is directly related to PHP8 (vs PHP7). I will post this to the Github. There are several possible solutions to the essential issue here, this probably providing the broadest coverage for any other unknown situations.
  14. The "smoking gun" is this: [Exception] /home/xxxxx/public_html/classes/order.class.php:194 - method_exists(): Argument #1 ($object_or_class) must be of type object|string, null given When in admin, an instantiation of the Cart class (assigned to the variable $GLOBAL['cart']) just does not exist. How this has not been found many, many versions ago, I cannot imagine. Working on it.
  15. A white screen. That suggests that PHP crashed. I believe PHP cannot crash so bad that it fails to log an entry in its own error_log. So, if not having done so already, please see: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/ However, I have also found that Smarty, the template rendering engine, if there is a syntax error in the template, will cause a white screen without allowing PHP to log the offending line of the template. (There may be a work-around.) (The undefined variable is covered in this issue in the Github:) https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/3116 In the browser's Developer's Tools (engaged via F12), the Network tab will show the POST action. IF! a response comes back from the POST, it will usually be a command to GET a certain page. The browser then sends a GET request for that page, the response being, perhaps happening here with you, an error: 500. If you see a GET that followed the POST, then we know that CubeCart processed the POST - and hopefully databased the form's data. If there is no GET after the POST, or no POST at all, then something went wrong processing the data. There is also the possibility, however unlikely, that CubeCart has an undiscovered bug that the code execution simply comes to a dead end - with nothing to show for it. (I haven't yet tried this, but it seems to me that if CubeCart cannot send the debug report, it stays "spooled" internally until a page can be sent out. So, after the white screen, the next page received could have several debug sections. If so, the first would be the POST being processed, the second would be the follow-on GET request that faulted, and the third would be the GET request that succeeded.)
  16. Just another thought: if you have no digital products (which would require no shipping anyway), maybe just make it unable to pay for the order if the delivery address is international. In whatever Payment Gateway you use, the admin settings page has a tab for "Allowed Zones". Enter only those countries you are willing to ship to. If the customer can't pay for the order, well......
  17. The image above suggests you found "henry_test.pdf", which is in the /files/ directory. Or am I mistaken as to where the encircled text came from? When you load the page where you can edit the product's description, engage the browser's Developer Tools (usually via the keyboard key F12). There should be a Debugger tab where there is a list of all the javascript files loaded can be viewed. Make sure that includes/ckeditor/config.js?t=J5S8 is present, and when viewing the file's contents, make sure it has the edited lines. (The J5S8 may be some other code number.) If not, then the browser might be using an internally cached copy of config.js. If so, then force the browser to reload fresh copies of all page resources. This is usually done with CTRL+F5. Check for the fresh file.
  18. Please have a read of these other forum conversations: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51691-resolved-product-options-not-being-sorted-properly/ https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/49310-is-the-max_input_vars-issue-resolved-in-v6/ https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/48279-option-attributes-limit/ In admin, at the bottom of the left-side Navigation panel, is PHP Info. This page, in the "core" table, you will find the current setting of 'max_input_vars'.
  19. When this happens again, please look on the Request tab. The Request Headers says you are sending 24K bytes to the server. That is a lot of data for this kind of POST. I want to know (approx) how many values are getting POSTed. By default, there is a limit of 1000 'key/value' pairs of data that PHP (and to a less stringent degree, the web server) will allow to pass through. If you are hitting that limit, then the "Security_Token" key/value is getting stripped off, Cubecart isn't getting it, and CubeCart will dump all activity and send you to the Dashboard. (FYI: this limit will also be hit when creating a lot of shipping rates in the All-in-One-Shipping module.) If the problem is, in fact, hitting this 1000 'key/value' pair limit, there is a setting in PHP's INI.PHP configuration file that can be adjusted to bump that up to a more useful limit. Regarding having installed the storefront skin, then removing it, I do not know how doing that could affect this. Maybe it was just coincidence? You can always put the skin back in and see what happens.
  20. Your browser has a Developer's Tools feature, usually engaged by pressing F12. The Tools has a Network tab. Have that screen open for viewing. Keep working on the Product Options screens. After you save the work and are sent to the Dashboard, click once and highlight the last POST line entry in the list. A side panel will be shown with details about that POST. A tab (probably named Params) will show what was POSTed. Of interest is the number of items being POSTed.
  21. Enter these commands in phpMyAdmin (or whatever you use): ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_inventory` CHANGE COLUMN `featured` `featured` tinyint(1) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 COMMENT 'Featured product'; #EOQ ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_inventory` ADD COLUMN `latest` tinyint(1) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 1 COMMENT 'Included on Homepage' AFTER `featured`; #EOQ UPDATE `CubeCart_inventory` SET `latest`=`featured`; #EOQ Be sure to prepend the table's prefix if there is a prefix being used. This feature was added in CC610, so, if your first installation of CubeCart was before that version, then an upgrade may have missed it. Unfortunately, the upgrade script setup/db/upgrade/6.1.0.sql has been changed several times, after CC610 was released.
  22. Would you happen to be opening multiple tabs in your browser, working on one tab, saving the changes, then working on another tab, then saving the changes on that tab? Or using the browser's "Back" button? Are you working in admin, Add/Edit Product, Options tab? Oor are you working on admin, Product Options, Option Groups tab or Option Attributes tab?
  23. Good. Now, using an external database utility, such as phpMyAdmin found in your hosting control panel, look at the database table CubeCart_inventory. Make sure that table has a column named 'latest'.
  24. What is the exact page in admin that you are saving, expecting to being taken back to that page but getting the dashboard?
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