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Found 6 results

  1. Hello All, I have run Cubecart on my dedicated hosting for a long time now without many problems. However starting from today i have a huge problem. All my websites connected with SQL will have a problem ... saying max connections limit blabla. However ... we conacted the hosting and they changed it from max connection 25 to the limit 100. This helped for 1 hour and then it didnt work anymore ... same problem. I contacted my hosting company again and they found out the the username from one of my cubecart website is causing this problem to rerule the max connections to set as limit 10. This is causing the whole server to colapse. So after a long talk with hosting ... they same i need to talk with my "programmer" about this issue ... Can anyone help me to let cubecart optimize the cubecart site to get well with max connection usages? See attachment of the converstation i had with my hosting company. Please do not recommand me to get another hosting (yet) i already changed MANY times in MANY years and we have HUGE websites! I just want a solution to fix this ... if i am stuck in the end i will sell all websites, because after many years i am done with it and i need more rest then stressful headaches running webshops and websites. Thank you for your support and reading this. hosting.txt
  2. Howdy, My cubecart site was on a different server, but I had to transfer the site to my other hosting. So i copied the files from old server to new an Changed the DNS mapping to the new server. However Im getting this error now. Warning: mysqli::mysqli() [mysqli.mysqli]: (HY000/2003): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'mysql.XXXXX.net' (113) in /home/SITE/public_html/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 22 Fatal error: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'mysql.XXXXX.net' (113) in /home/SITE/public_html/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 24 Thanks!
  3. Hi, I am developing a plugin for cubecart admin panel.In that am using ajax to store some details through database.I have included the admin core files but still its not stored in database. can anyone know, what are all the exact files needed to be included in custom php file to access all the functions of an admin panel? Here is my code. I have tried like this. but its not allowing me to perform db operations.can any one help me please.am new to cubecart. <?php include '../../../../ini.inc.php'; include '../../../../includes/global.inc.php'; include '../../../../includes/functions.inc.php'; include '../../../../classes/db/database.class.php'; include '../../../../controllers/controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php'; $action=$_POST['action']; $data=array( 'color'=>$_POST['colorname'], 'colorcode'=>$_POST['colorcode'], ); $res=Database::getInstance()->insert('abc', $data); $GLOBALS['db']->insert('abc',$data)
  4. Hi When I was looking at Prestashop I saw a "google inside the database plugin" offered for sale. This has got me thinking. After all: how does Google index pages that are only formed and visible when they are requested? Is there anything like the Prestashop plugin for CubeCart? (Sorry I no longer have the link) Grateful for any replies Best Regards
  5. I need to export about 20 orders from a v3 site to a v5 site. How can I do that? I have tried to export cc_CubeCart_order_sum from phpmyadmin and rename it everywhere to cc_CubeCart_order_summary and import it to the new site, but that don't work. If it's possible to do this either in the store admin or in phpmyadmin it would be great.
  6. Guest

    MySQL Error Occurred

    Hi all - new to the forums and i have a question. I'm seeing a MySQL error that reads the following: MySQL Error Occurred Error Message: 1146: Table 'market_database.CubeCart_config' doesn't exist SQL: SELECT array FROM CubeCart_config WHERE name = 'config' This may have to do with the configuration file inside phpMyAdmin? Thanks,
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