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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to CC and invested a lot of time to put the items online. Now i'm busy testing and fine-tuning the website/shop. One of the problems i have is the following: There is a store collection option available to choose from, when people check-out and select the shipping option. But the next step, payment gateway, doesn't offer a solution to pay cash on pick-up. Is this coming in a future release of CC or do i need to make a copy of the print order form and tweak it to make it suitable for cash payments when picking up? Or is it available for CC 5.2.7 and did i miss the post on the forum? Kind regards, Mario
  2. Hello All, If anyone is interested i have a working 2000Charge payment gateway for Cubecart. They offer all kinds of gateways and they accept customers from all over the world. http://2000charge.com/ If CC wants you can implement it in the default installation so that members can use it.
  3. So far, CubeCart is using the store's default currency when processing payments through payment gateways. Guess this is fine for US or UK shops, as there the credit card processing companies accept USD and GBP on their gateways. In minor markets (like the 350 million people who pay in EURO) situation is different. While customers want to pay in EURO, credit card processing companies need USD on their gateways. Maybe there is a hope that this will be implemented with CC release 6? We think this is just one more switch in the store's general configuration ('select currency for payment gateways'). We don't think it is necessary to select a currency on each payment gateway. --- Any work-around until this is (maybe) implemented? Cheers TOM
  4. Hi, I just upgraded my store to 5.2.7 and have noticed the following error when entering Card Capture Payment Gateway which is what we use and been using fine until upgrade. The is the following error that we receive via Card Capture Gateway: The following errors were detected: Mcrypt library missing from server required to encrypt credit card data! Can anyone please let me know why or how to go about this error if possible? I would really appreciate any further info that I can use to fix this error if anyone has any knowledge or awareness on said issue. I thank you again! Eddie
  5. Hello All, I am having troubles using the CCNOW module. When you try to checkout with this module i get the following error: ERROR: 36: amount mismatch: 20.90 <> 10.95 This means CCNOW gateway only receive the product price and not the shipping price. I have sent an email to CCNOW helpdesk and i got the following response: The amount mismatch error is because the Cubecart shopping cart is sending "x_amount: 10.95" when it should be sending "x_amount: 20.90". 10.95 is for the product + 9.95 for shipping). This module may be out of date (it is not supplied by us). Perhaps CubeCart can offer support on this issue if you purchased the module from them? It is possible it is a setting in CubeCart, but I do not know their system. Thanks, -Matt CCNow.com So can any one help me to provide an updated CCNOW module? I already sent a support ticket to Cubecart, but so far i didnt receive an answer. Please share the right module with me if you can help me or smart coders help me out to debug? Thanks all!
  6. Hi community, I'm looking for someone who can help me to customize the way my costumers pay for their products. I don't want cubecart to ask my customers to pay, I want that when they hit the checkout button I receive an email with the info of what they have bought and also their personal info. After that I will personally send them an email with my info including the bank account number in which they have to transfer the money. Is that possible?
  7. Hi CubeCart Community! Bothering your asking for some help, I want to add to my shop the shipping service that I will use and it is not listed, it is mexican and it is named "Estafeta". I hope there is a way to add it to the list in the Control Panel and obviously activate it, it is going to be the default service for shipping my shop will use. Hope you can help me, thank you in advance.
  8. Hi WE upgraded to Cubecart 5 which is great. WE had CubCart 4 and used HSBC which worked fine in CC4 Then switch over to Barclay card in CC4 although we had to Put in the Module in, and it worked fine Just upgraded last Thursday 12th and up on the 13th tested Saturday payment module for 5 did not work . Tried many different things including new CPI with Barclay Question Has anyone Got Barclaycard ePDQ to work with CubecCart 5 and if so would be pleased to know how it was done. Thank you for your time JohnC Valjc Limited Would like to say it is that Barclaycard ePDQ is working fine now ​Its in the CPI Administration of Barclaycard that is the tricky bit One phone call to a level 2 person in Barclays and within half an hour working Great So have to say that Paypal and Barclaycard ePDQ works fine in Cubecart 5 and the return to shop page is a lot better than CC4
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