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Found 2 results

  1. Well after fixing a problem with my "Contact Us" page not sending emails to my email addresses I uncovered another issue. This issue would be that my customers order "status" emails are not sending to my customers. It’s being blocked or otherwise denied delivery to my customers and I don’t know why. Example: Order placed - customer is supposed to get an email. This appears in my site email address after every instance an email is to be sent: "Mail Delivery System - 11:27 AM - Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender" This is supposed to happen when the order is placed, when the order is paid for, and when I place the order as complete. All three things cause emails to be sent. So I am getting three failed to send emails for every single order I have had in my site since I upgraded to CC5. My email account had more then 500+ emails all saying the same thing. What might be the issue? Are all my emails being blocked by every email provider out there?
  2. I have been searching for a solution that would automatically set "Processing" orders to status "Order Complete" after an order has been placed. Right now, when an order goes through, the status gets set to "Processing" by default. Then someone has to login and manually change the status to complete before the customer gets their final receipt and the PayPal payment is captured. I found an old post that solves this, but its for an old version of CubeCart. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> So the solution for the 5.2.8 is done by locating the file order.class.php in the classes folder. Around line 250 locate the following code: $this->assignOrderDetails(); $mailer->sendEmail($this->_order_summary['email'], $content); unset($content); Then add this snippet right above it: $this->_digitalDelivery($order_id, $this->_order_summary['email']); Hope it helps. Al
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