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It looks like the spammers are having a field day with the new forum. I noticed a spam post the other day referencing XRumer, and I got curious as to how they do it. I read an interesting Wikipedia article about just how invasive this program can get. That article mentioned http://www.stopforumspam.com/, so I took a look at it. I tried searching for the member ID of one of today's spammers, and there was this huge list of reports of it. So, I'm wondering if it would be worth the forum admin's time here to check any new member requests against this free database of known spammers...

There's a list of Mods and Plugins that make use of their API to help block spam at http://www.stopforum.../contributions, including a few for IP.Board!

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Hi - thanks for the reports, it is appreciated.

Yes, this is becoming a problem and I've used the stopforumspam project before. I used Simple Machine Forums, and there was a plug-in for stopforumspam.

This project appears to be a honeypot for spammers, who are then added to a database that can be checked by forums using the plug-in.

There is an option to run your own honeypot and contribute to the project, but this is not required.


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