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Logo across the whole top?

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Your SIG suggests you are now running CC514. Yet the code you posted belongs to CC511 or earlier.

If this is a copy of a CC511 skin (Mauris?) that did not get updated from CC511 (your SIG does not mention if your CC514 was an upgrade or not, and from what), that could be the problem.

In the instruction where I said (at the time it was for CC511):

<div id="header" style=" background-image: url({$STORE_URL}/images/logos/{$SKIN_FOLDER}-{$SKIN_SUBSET}.php); ">

Change that to this (for CC512+):

<div id="header" style=" background-image: url({$STORE_LOGO}); ">

The rest of the instructions are the same.

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I appreciate you holding my hand with this.

I just did that. Used your steps. and seems to work. However its pulling a OLD logo that i never used anymore.

You mentioned in a previous post about clearing the logo cache.. But never mentioned how that is done.

Can you give me the steps on doing this please. :)

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Go into Admin and click on "Maintenance". Then click the Rebuild tab. Put a check in the box that says "Clear image Cache". Click Submit.

Hopefully that will remove the cached image and will force CC5 to query the Store Settings and fetch the image that is supposed to be given to the browser.

You may also want to visit the Store Settings, Logos tab, and upload the absolute correct store logo image. This will make sure CC5 knows about the logo you intend -- probably cleaning the existing one out of the cache automatically.

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I just did that, I also deleted the "old logo" it is showing.. somehow its still showing the old logo.

Maybe i should just jump into the ftp and manually delete this logo? if that is a good idea

where would it be in the FTP? i used the admin panel to delete it.. but im sure its still there somewhere

if its still showing up.

I cleared the image cashe 3 times... nothing.

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