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New Install, a couple of questions


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I'm currently using the nota skin until I find something more suited to a cult movie DVD store - any suggestions?


1. How do I make the bounding boxes the same size as the DVD covers? At present they are square. Ideally I'd like to lose them, as per the category page display.


2. How do I display prices for products which run over two lines?

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I don't know what you mean by "lose them, as per the category page".


We can adjust the CSS to make sure there is room for the longer than wider imagery.


In the common.css file, near line 313, add 100 to the height of div.latest_product, div.category_product css rule. Also near line 601 for #gallery div.image.


Then, I really don't know how CubeCart chooses the dimensions to use. The config.xml says 'maximum=270', but is that the maximum width, or the maximum longest side? (It's the maximum longest side, but otherwise, the image size ratio is maintained.)


Prices that run over two lines? I'm not seeing how that could happen.

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