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Resolved - CHROME - This page has a Redirect Loop

Dirty Butter

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I get this message when I click on View Cart on our Fusion skin, now that I've upgraded to 5.2.2.



This happens in Chrome, but not FireFox. Clicking on the Reload link in the error message takes the customer to the Cart as it should have done to begin with.


I've tried deleting all dirtybutter.com cookies on Chrome, but I can't seem to stop this error message from popping up.


Any ideas about what, if anything, can be done to make Chrome happy?

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This should be an issue with Chrome (I'm sure you will agree) and not CubeCart. That said...


CubeCart uses the redirect bounce procedure to make a series of code executions. If PHP has a GOTO statement, I haven't found it and CubeCart doesn't use it if it is there.


For example:

1. A query is made that includes the extra part to switch the language.

2. CubeCart changes the language to use in the session array. Then sends a redirect to the browser to re-request the page.

3. The browser gets the redirect and makes the request using the new address.

4. CubeCart processes the page.


In some gateways, I've seen this go for three or four redirects.


So, we know that you have executed the same steps using a stock skin.


If Chrome has a diagnostic mode that can watch page requests and returns, we can learn what is in the URL that is not getting cleared when Cubecart gets it for the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc time.

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LOL I ran the report, but it was a bunch of gobbledygook to me. Sorry - nowhere near computer savvy enough. If you want to test it I used http://dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog/index.php?_a=basket

 as the url.


One site I Googled said they thought Chrome and FireFox allowed 20 redirects, and IE allowed 10. But it works properly on FireFox. UGH

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Sorry, allow me to rephrase:

When you visit your site using Chrome, and Chrome throws this redirect error message at you, do you have any items in the cart? Are you logged in?


I found a computer with Chrome v26 and your site came up fine. (Not logged in and the cart was empty.)


And again, we know that you have executed the same steps using a stock skin. Right?

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This happens when the test customer tries to view the cart after putting an item in it. It does not happen if you click Checkout, rather than View Cart. This happens whether the test customer is logged in previous to "buying" or is not logged in at that point.


Yes, the same thing happens with a stock skin on dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog, BUT it does NOT happen with dirtybutterestates.com - which uses a modified kurouto skin. I've tried turning the AJAX cart box on and off on the Fusion skin, but that does not make a difference - still get the redirect error message.


I'm going to contact the Fusion skin developer and ask him to take a look at this thread.

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