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Trying to install on host with existing site

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I'm trying to get a friend's Cubecart up and running in a sub folder, whilst keeping the original site's webstore running in the root folder.


However, the original site is running on php4, whilst Cubecart requires 5.2.


Is there a way around this? I can get only one site working at a time as One&One only offers a "global php" setting.

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I am not an expert in .htaccess file statements and web server (Apache) configuration, but here's a wild guess:


* Create a subdomain, cubecart5.maindomain.com, and have it point to the exact folder where CubeCart is located.

* For that subdomain, tell Apache to use php5.


This won't work, of course, if your hosting package at 1&1 doesn't include hosted subdomains, or if your hosted package cannot run two versions of PHP at the same time.


It is not so much what appears in the "global" php.ini settings as PHP will already have started when it reads the php.ini file. You will need to configure the web server, whose job it is to start the appropriate application based on the requested file suffix.

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