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How to test all rates etc?


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We've just had our first US order, and the postage added is way too much (£15.80 for one DVD).


The weight for all products is correct, at .120kg.


I've checked the "By Weight" module (the only shipping we offer, via Royal Mail) which has the correct postage listed so I can't work out why the cart is adding the wrong postage. 


For this zone, our Royal Mail rates are set to:




Can anyone help? Is there a simple way to generate a report on postage per item per country I can look at?

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Please verify you are using semicolons as some of the delimiters instead of commas.


I think commas are the correct delimiters.


0.100:3.50 , 0.250:4.70 , 0.500:7.55 , etc.





0.750:1.40 <= Is this correct?






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