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Resolved - Categories link/results query


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Can somebody help, I'm a little confused about this.


If I click on our "Movies -> DVD" or "Movies -> Blu-ray" links, how come we get the "No products found" message popping up, rather than displaying what we have listed in those sections?


Same with the actual DVD and Blu-ray links. It's only when you click on the regions that anything is displayed. Each movies is listed in the "Movies" main category, then the sub categories.




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From what I understand your observation is, my answer is that CubeCart does not aggregate the counts or items of category descendents. That is:

Movies --------------237 (Total of this category plus all subcategories)

    DVD --------------- 56 (Total of this category plus all subcategories)

        R3(NTSC) ------ 5 (Total of this category)

does not work this way.


CubeCart displays each category's children (immediate sub-category) and the items associated with that specific category. So, if there are no items listed in the DVD category, only subs, then you haven't associated any items with the DVD category specifically.


(You may wish to give some thought to making the region as an option if you have multiple regions per DVD.)

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So you would want the DVD category to list the movies available as a DVD - regardless of their region coding?


You will need to associate those items to the DVD category. In admin, Products, Assign to Category tab, check all the items you want to assign to DVD and then check the DVD category. Click Save. (Try it with just a few items at first.)

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