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Product Images - main and additional


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I'm in the process of building a site which will have main and additional images for each product.


I'm labeling the images with the product codes, and for each additional images these have a, b, c etc added to the image name.


If I upload all these to the "images -> source" folder, will CubeCart be able to link these up with the products correctly? Is there something else I need to specify?

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Not automatically.


And there have been reports by a couple of users who FTP images up to their site that image files disappear.


My initial impression is that, if they are not mentioned in the Filemanager database table, there may come a time when (probably when Update File List tab is clicked) un-associated images will be deleted.


I'm still tracing out that code.


The most assured way of keeping images is to let CubeCart upload them (four at a time, but a conversation here tells of a javascript edit to allow more). Keep in mind any HTTP-based upload limits imposed by your hosting provider.

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I just tried a quick-n-dirty test on fresh CC522 code.


The Image FileManager, Update File List tab did not delete any images from the images/source folder (nor from the images/cache folder) that I had placed there (local server).


Then I put some more images in the source folder, clicked Update File List. They got added and nothing went missing.


What I have noticed is that CC522 does not maintain the "Main" image status. It may be fixed in CC524.

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"Will CubeCart be able to link these [additional images] up with the products correctly?"


Once processed by the Filemanager (Update File List tab), then you need to visit the product's edit screens, Images tab, and enable the appropriate images for that product.


Currently, there is no code that will automatically associate an image to a product by matching image filenames to a product code.

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