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Fresh CC Lite installation says I have exceeded customer/orders/admin


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I do apologise if this topic has been discussed before, however I have not managed to find it, so far, on this forum. I'm very new to the world of Cubecart and I decided to install Cubecart lite to have a play around with the features and see if it is the eCommerce package for me. 


I have successfully installed Cubecart to my domain however whenever I try to look at all the different settings and preferences I get the page "You have exceeded the maximum amount of customers/orders/administrators to continue using CubeCart Lite".  I don't understand how this is possible because I have not even added any orders, let alone any customers or administrators.


I am using CubeCart-5.2.5 and I hope there is a simple answer - other than that I will just have to install the cart and hope that the problem doesn't reoccur. 


Thank you in advance for any comment,s 

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Welcome starchini! Glad to see you made it to the forums.


That is a weird situation! -- no customers, orders, and just you as an administrator -- yet the advisory is displayed.


I don't have an answer but I know that a change was made to the database code between CC524 and CC525. (That could be looked into.)


Please submit a sales ticket (Contact Us page) to Devellion. In the meantime, there is a demo store you can play around with.

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Hi guys, 


Sorry I haven't given an update in a while - I have been working on another project. 


Whilst technically I don't understand the issue, I have a feeling that it was the following events which caused the problem - 


The first time I set-up CubeCart Lite on the server I forgot the admin password (I got pulled on to doing something else) - So I re-installed CubeCart Lite again over the top, using the same database. I can only assume that this is what has caused the problem. I am going to erase the database and create a new one and start again, hopefully that will solve the issue. 


Thank you for all the feedback though - This is my first foray into E-commerce, I've always tried to avoid it because it looks amazingly complex. I'm sure I will be frequenting these forums often asking all manner of *n00b* questions :-)


Kind regards, 



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