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Pre Ordered Status


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Hi Everybody,

                  I have a client that has a requirement that is similar to the wish list cart in Amazon, basically my client's customers will be notified that a product is due for release in the future and they are encouraged to place a pre-order for this item, no money changes hands when they order it but eventually they will be required to pay for it. I don't won't to use the 'pending' status but this will get confused with orders that are 'pending' for normal reasons.

Is there any way that we can have a 'pre-ordered' status capability?

I see this would help my client in 2 areas.


1.  My clients stock ordering process will be simplified as he will know is pre-ordered commitment.

2.  My clients customers will order as normal but the order will have a status of 'Pre-Ordered' attached automatically because they have ordered the product from a 'Coming Soon' Category.


Has anybody had a similar problem and is there a solution.


Best Regards,


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