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I think what you are looking at, with respect to the drop-down selector showing the names of the manufacturers, is not a means of "adding" search terms to the search, but rather a "filter" that will restrict the search to only those products that are of that manufacturer.


So, searching for Diorissimo and selecting Dior as the manufacturer, you should get a hit*. But if you search for Darcey (a Marc Jacobs product) and select Dior as the manufacturer, you won't get a hit.


CubeCart needs a Shop by Manufacturer side box.


* Cubecart only searches the CubeCart_inventory table, and then only the product name, description, and product code columns against the list of search terms.

* The technique that MySQL uses to find the search terms is based on 'relevance', and is not as obvious as what 'relevance' may mean to the common man. If the database doesn't return anything 'relevant', the Cubecart tries using the same search parameters using character matching, such as 'porter' is LIKE 'porterhouse steak'.

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Thanks Brian,


What i would like to have is for the basic search to be able to search the manufacturer table so if the users inputs Dior into the single search field the returning results would be whatever products have been added under that manufacturer. If this cant be done that it maybe that we include the manufacturer name again in the product name, that way a search for Dior will return.




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