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Paypal payment declined bug


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Sorry in advance for the long message here but I think this is a pretty big issue for those who use paypal pro as payment processor with CC5.  I have a bug ticket submitted with the developers at CC with the hopes they will get this fixed quickly.  I am on here attempting to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue.  I am attempting to test cubecart V5 with paypal pro gateway and I have enabled some "advanced fraud filters" in our paypal account.


Upon doing test transactions I am experiencing some bugs in cubecart.  I will try to add the test sequence as best I can so please bear with me.  I add the items to the basket, then go through checkout and make it to the payment screen.  I input the credit card number with the correct exp date, and correct cvv code.  I assure the billing address is all correct for the credit card and hit submit.  Everything goes through fine and I get the "order_processing" message on the page that loads following the payment.  Success!!


Now I want to test my fraud filters, to ensure the transactions decline as they should.  In the fraud filters I have set to decline transactions where the exp date or cvv code are a mismatch.  So I input the credit card number however I then input the wrong exp date and cvv code with the correct address and hit submit.  The result is only a page refresh.  The only thing that has changed on the resulting page is the cvv code is missing.  There is NO payment declined message or any kind of message for that matter.  I then re-input the cvv and tried it again the same way and the same thing happens...no message.  So a customer would be confused as to what to do at this point with no indication of what is going on.  I went into our paypal account and I can see where the payment hit the filters and denied the payment.  After looking at the request logs it appears that paypal is sending a response, it just isn't be processed by cubecart and providing a message to the customer.  Also in the language file it doesn't appear there is any setting for a declined payment message, only an order_failed message.


I then did further testing on the advanced filters.  I have placed in the filters on paypal to flag the payment for "review" in the event of an AVS Partial Match.  This means that either the billing address or the zip code (not both) match the billing information provided by the bank for verification.  An order hitting this filter with the "review" setting should leave the order in pending status and display the order_pending message.  So I do the test with the correct address but wrong zip code and it displays the errors_detected message along with a message, that originates from paypal, that says something in regard to "the payment is set for review by your settings in advanced fraud filters".  A customer shouldn't see this message.  That should be a message sent to the admin only, not the customer!


Ultimately I am trying to do final testing and launch this V5 site to replace the current V4 store that keeps clearing the customer's basket!  I am losing customers daily and need to place this new site up asap.


Anyone else tested this and experiencing this with the paypal plugin??




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Our staff added a patch to your store on 03 March 2014 08:54 AM and informed the reporter (Ian).


Now if a fraud management filter (FMF) comes up the order will complete with a message saying that the payment is under review. 


We are waiting your feedback to this ticket 97598.

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Hi Al


Thanks for that yesterday and as you now know we were testing this yesterday at about the same time you posted this and found a couple of further issues.


Thanks though for taking a look at this so quickly and coming up with a further fix which I have now implemented on our client's site and will be testing straight away !




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