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Controlling what is displayed in the "On Sale" side bar?


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The "Sale Items" side box is populated with products where the store is set to one of the two sale modes: global percentage off (every product is on sale), or individual products which have their sale price lower than their regular price.

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With enough time and programming, sure. All manner of hacks to the code can be made. I have made a similar result (custom selection criteria) using a free mod at www.cubecartforums.org.


As for an un-modded store, if an item has it's sale price lower than its regular price (and also more than zero), it will show in the Sale Items box. There is no mechanism I can think of that will hide or disable a product (or the product's category) from the Sale Items box that won't have the same effect elsewhere throughout the store.


This free mod gives the foundation (but not the display) to choose what products are available to be in a list. We can use that mod and replace the Sale Items sidebox.


There is also the link in the "Navigation" that will show the customer a regular View Category page of sale items.


And you can suppress the display of the sidebox altogether.

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