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Checkout button for an new European Law

Martin Verkerk

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On 13 June a new law in force in the European Union with regard to what pay buttons in Web shops. These should contain the text complete order with pay duty. For now it is not possible to have such a long text in the button. Therefore 2 questions.

1. will there be an update for June 13, which makes this possible?
2. When no update here, how can I realize by my self?


With kind regards,


Martin Verkerk

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For all my CubeCart v5 clients i used the standard Mican and kurouto skins


In the Dutch language is the text is Betaling afronden met betaal plicht (35) Characters

And for the english language i think Complete order with pay duty (28) Characters


And i think only the last Payment button in the Checkout process, where you going to the Checkout Gateway choises.

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For the Kurouto skin, I have redesigned the 'generic_button' image so that it is in three parts, with the middle part being as wide as it needs to be.


There will be a new phrase added to the language (in a 'custom' language file), and some new CSS rules.


Private Message sent.

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