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Update Warning Required! + Core updates only.

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CC has very weird update system. IT WIPES EVERYTHING OFF!!!, luckily I did my first CC upgrade on the experimental website but anyway it overwrites all tpl & css files.

CC has the poorest choice of templates on the planet so obviously people will tweak them up to the certain level. Making backup off all of it is fine but the need of uploading it again is just stupid. The team who writes the code should made the update to be the update not virtually new install. Very poor indeed.

Therefore I propose:

1. Made upgrade to be a core update only which means it upgrades everything except SKIN folder.

2. At least before the above will be implemented, WARN USERS that all changes they have made to templates will be lost.


I'm personally surprised that update touched skin folder as there is no need for it what so ever.

And I think to ask every shop owner to have to rebuild his shop after the update is unacceptable.




I think I have to start using commas ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, please pick one and insert above where required.

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It wipes everything off?! Are you sure you chose upgrade and not install?


This is a first to me!!

OK.. I understand now. Of course default files will be overwritten! :)


This is why we have documentation about how to make your own skins.. 


"Stage 1" is the crucial bit!


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So, one has to read manual you say.

It is important to copy and existing skin before starting. This way your layout changes won't be lost when upgrading your store in the future."


I think there still should be a warning up there, no one RTFM's unles told.


I shall go and read, few shops to do so, it might be useful ;-)

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Skins are part of the default files that are upgraded and changes / bug fixes to core files or new functionality often requires changes to the skins files as well.


What would be good would be for upgrades to automatically check core files for any changes (for that specific original version) via something like a checksum and warn before over writing the files




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