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setting the site to being offline


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Hi all,

       I have setup a remote site which will be the first site when anybody enters the www.companyname.com.au however there is still some developing that still has to be done before the site is ready for public use, so I setup the offline setting in the stores settings but unfortunately when I go to the store I still see the products but I'm not able to purchase them but what I would rather see is the message that was entered in the offline setting. Is there a way that I have missed to make this happen I'm using the latest version 5 of cubecart any help will gratefully accepted.

Regards Peterp

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Please be aware that, if you are logged in as an admin, CubeCart will display many things that a non-admin visitor won't see (online even if set to offline, prices not hidden, etc).


There is a setting in Store Settings, Offline tab, "Allow admin access to store while offline?" Please check the value of this setting.


If it is set to No, then we need to discover why CubeCart is showing the storefront instead of the Offline content.


It seems the Offline message is the only content that gets output. So, consider constructing an entire web page, or at least a <head> section with a meta-refresh(???) command that will bounce the browser to a real website/page.

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