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Extra documents bar showing up Mican:Black

Uze DaFarce

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I have been messing around with the Mican:Black templates, but I am pretty sure that's not what caused this.  It showed up after I clicked save from the main page of admin.php?_g=documents.  I tried disabling all the documents & saving, re-enabling > saving, clearing all the caches, turning off caching, and it won't go away.  It must be a background image because nothing is select-able, and possibly supposed to be in a hidden block?  It shows up in multiple browsers.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! 

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I would think that activity in the admin would not cause the storefront skin to be showing two copies of the Documents box (bar, list, whatever, it's actually called a box).


Please look at the skin template main.php and look for {$SITE_DOCS}. In the unedited Mican template main.php, that will be line 78.


If there is another {$SITE_DOCS}, please evaluate which of them you want where it is.


"It must be a background image because nothing is select-able."


This can happen if there is a <div> sitting on top of the Documents box. It's an inadvertent behavior when these blocks cause a "z-order" conflict. Your mouse cursor is 'touching' the top block, but the links to the document are on a block underneath and cannot be touched by the mouse cursor.


If I may suggest installing Firefox and the FireBug add-on, FireBug will let you see where these blocks are located.

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