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SEO Issue with CubeCart v 5.2.14

Martin Verkerk

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Hi there,


I found a SEO issue/bug with CubeCart v.5.2.14


I see by all of my webshops from my clients the Productpages are not good indexing in the search engins.

When you click on the hyperlink in the search engine, you com on empty page of the webshop.

Se the snapshots below.



It's only by Google

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Do we have an idea of why Google only has the ?_a=product part of the querystring? It should be ?_a=product&product_id=99.


Can you tell us how Google is getting your links? Are you submitting a sitemap?


Visiting this site, I see it is using friendly URLs. Therefore, I have to ask why would Google be using the standard URL format.

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I used from the beginning  friendly url's on all of my webshops.

And this morning i see that all of my shops, have the same problem.


see also:





Yes I used the the sitemap from CubeCart.

I have submit the sitemap al for many years bij webmaster support from Google.


Yahoo and Bing works fine.

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The following is probably what is causing the situation:

<link rel="canonical" href="http://www.truckmodel.nl/index.php?_a=product" />

We will need to research what fix is forthcoming in CC5215.


Once this is known, we can publish the code change in the forum.

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