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CCv3 footer broken by URL changes


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How do I fix the copyright footer in CubeCart v3?


This code doesn't appear in the source files because it relates to the copyright/license removal but the URLs are now broken by changes to HTTPS... is this data hosted by CubeCart servers?

<div class='txtCopyright'>Powered by <a href='http://www.cubecart.com' class='txtCopyright' target='_blank'>CubeCart</a>&trade;<br />Copyright <a href='http://www.devellion.com' class='txtCopyright' target='_blank'>Devellion Limited</a> 2006. All rights reserved.</div></body>
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If I may ask, how is the observed URL 'broken'?


I will say that for many instances, the http: request to www.cubecart.com will have a response to tell the browser to 302 Temporary redirect to make a https: request, but the server sends back nothing. The browser will show a blank page.


I think this is because my browser (or maybe cubecart.com's server) is not yet configured to bounce out of SSLv2 (or whatever I happen to be using*) and auto-negotiate a different protocol from a 302 event. Disclaimer: I know enough about web servers to be very dangerous.


When I ask for the www.cubecart.com address again, I get the page.


"Is this data hosted by CubeCart servers?"


No. It is obfuscated in the CC3 code.


We can petition Devellion (now known as Cubecart, Ltd) to let us get this sorted.


* This sometimes happens with Firefox, but once I manage to get the page, I can't repeat the experience. I have tools that will disable the DNS cache, the history, the page cache, cookies, and a myriad of other things about Firefox. But once I get the https page, when I want the http page, even trying to force the request by using the :80 port, Firefox will always insist on requesting the https page without first trying the http page.


So, I used Internet Explorer v6 -- hideously outdated -- but it showed the cubecart.com server made no attempt to try a different protocol.

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By broken I just mean it was working, now not. The links themselves are correctly formatted but the destination servers have changed. I also get a blank page unless I re-request. I also get a certificate warning on Devellion.com ... The link errors are flagged in the W3C link checker.


I respect the presence of the copyright footer but it makes no sense to provide links that point to blank pages or those with certificate warnings, so I'd rather fix this than use CSS to mask the problem. I'm sure CubeCart Ltd would find it in their interest to have more inward links pointing to their site(s).


Rather than reveal the obfuscated code perhaps a replacement file would be more appropriate.

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