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[Resolved] 404 error when you click or front page product

Highway Rider

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I in stalled CC yesterday and it was working just fine and now when you click on product on the front page is gives you a 404 error instead of opening the more detailed description page. Where you would I assume is where you would select the size and color. 

I was working on setting up the sizes but not sure if it was working improperly before or after I started working on that.

Now there was one other thing that I did and that was to change the folder were CC was to a different name. So it would give it a better name in the address bar.

If it would make thing easier because this was in test mode no real data lose would occur, I'm open to uninstalling it and starting over if that would make it an easier fix.

 When it install does it just use the one folder?

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CubeCart does a reasonably good job of figuring out where it is.

The 404 is probably an error that comes from the web server (although, there seems to be a new 404 page from CubeCart, seen for different reasons).

Please look in the .htaccess file for a directive mentioning a "ReWrite Base". If it is there, make sure the directive specifies the correct sub-folder below your domain name's main folder.

CubeCart6 lives in its own folder and sub-folder hierarchy.

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Yes, although I am not an expert on this.

I read how a web server will look at all .htaccess files from the domain name's top folder to the folder where the web server determines this folder should be where the action is.

Start with a search-engine-friendly URL constructed by CubeCart (just the path part):


Now, prepend the following two locations, in turn:


The web server has no idea about /retail/. But, the web server will try to traverse the path, unless there are rewrite directives that change the path mid-traversal.

The rewrite directives found in the ,htaccess file created by CubeCart will try to rewrite the path including /retail/. But that will cause problems. So, when the .htaccess file for CubeCart is located in CubeCart's folder, the rewrite base directive is necessary so that /retail/ is not included in what the other rewrite URL directives get to work with.

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CubeCart 6 will automatically install an appropriate .htaccess file -- assuming the folder permissions allow for PHP to write files.

Are you using the latest version of CC6? If not, then in admin, Store Settings, Search Engines tab, see if there is an .htaccess file editor abd have CubeCart save the file. Be sure to include an appropriate rewrite base directive:

RewriteBase /name-of-folder

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Then CubeCart should be making numerous attempts to save an appropriate .htaccess file in its folder.

You may need to get the assistance of your hosting provider to determine if the folder permissions are not allowing PHP to write a file. You will need to get this looked into. It will cause other problems.

In the meantime, in the file /classes/seo.class.php, near line 763, there is content assigned to the variable $htaccess_content. Copy that content to a file in an editor and save it to the folder for CubeCart.




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I'm not sure if this makes a difference for anyone - I was having 404 not found issues as well when I tried to reach certain pages for my cubecart admin.  I contacted my webhost provider and  they fixed it by commenting out the  'AddHandler" code in the .htaccess file under my cube directory. ( they had upgraded the default PHP version to 5.4).  Hope this is helpful to anyone else  that runs into this issue (although I am a newbie and am in no way as experienced as bsmither who also responded to this post.)


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