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[Resolved] Favicon change


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I would like to change my favicon from what came with V6.

I looked through the other postings and found this:;

-- at the location specified by this statement in the <head> section of the document
<link href="{$STORE_URL}/favicon.ico" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon">
which you will find in the main.php template file, or
-- at the default location of www.MYSITE.com/favicon.ico

I put my favicon at the root and renamed it favicon.ico.  I can see it by going to

www.bestaviationgifts.com/favicon.ico but I don't get it when my page comes up.



OK, now I feel stupid.  It is working fine.  Sorry about that..

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When replacing an image (or many other types of files like js or css for example) with a different but exactly the same named file, your browser will probably have a local copy of the original file cached and so until it updates it's cache either naturally or by you forcing it to refresh, that is the file you will see

You are currently getting a 500 Internal Server Error on your site !

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This worked for me by adding the line suggested by bsmithers (<link rel="icon" type="image/ico" href="http://example.com/favicon.ico">) on this thread:

I added the line with the path to my favicon to the head section per his direction to the main.php and main.checkout.php files located in the ...SKINS/FOUNDATION/TEMPLATES folder. If you are not using the foundation skin use your own skin folder instead.


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