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[Resolved] Trouble with outgoing email

Jorge Herrera

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I'm having problems with CC6 outgoing emails, this includes order and mailing list emails to all email recipientes outside my domain.

This is the return email:

" This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.


A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

host p3nlsmtpcp-v01.prod.phx3.dgd [] (Not actual host and IP,changed for security)

SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:

552 5.2.0 iqgQaQhJzsnF3 :: CPANEL :: Message rejected for spam or virus content ::


 Please include this entire message when contacting support ::


v=2.1 cv=CdaonOfl c=1 sm=1 tr=0 p=b_YecZnQn94A:10 a=FU1vHajIvWWWmTKf2zu0BA==:117 a=GbY4KEs8Y9qe2SF7mqCR4Q==:17 a=L9H7d07YOLsA:10 a=9cW_t1CCXrUA:10 a=s5jvgZ67dGcA:10 a=7OsogOcEt9IA:10 a=DqS9l7tHAAAA:8 a=Q21NBFIXAAAA:8 a=VIfiC_BThBod6n3NiFMA:9 a=QEXdDO2ut3YA:10 a=wzhd10PU8Q4A:10 a=SSmOFEACAAAA:8 a=QtGwhDaJuUvNESkpKlAA:9 a=EabNiMVpZuv9DM8y:21 a=_W_S_7VecoQA:10 a=frz4AuCg-hUA:10 a=p403mkujtbAA:10 ::

100.00 "

Just updated to 6.0.11 and problem persists

Any advice?



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I've not seen anything like that anywhere. Unless all that is the testing results by the receiving server.

In CubeCart's admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, click the "Test (After Save)" button. You will get a diagnostic window. It should show everything is good as far as getting emails sent is concerned.

Check the email account you have given to your store for the test email.

You are observing bounce-backs from servers outside your domain, so I assume you mean that a test email, like this one, should be arriving at your domain just fine.

If so, then we cannot blame CubeCart.

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I have just looked at one of my emails. It has:


X-Authority-Analysis: v=2.1 cv=KeIvylsD c=1 sm=1 tr=0 a=fQRYJAN8LFEqCLyw228fmA==:117 a=3c37YVrUqD63QaKbC7vMpg==:17 a=L9H7d07YOLsA:10 a=9cW_t1CCXrUA:10 a=s5jvgZ67dGcA:10 a=7OsogOcEt9IA:10 a=r77TgQKjGQsHNAKrUKIA:9 a=AJFuynY5AAAA:8 a=HmBxpwO41cNUww0NTRkA:9 a=pILNOxqGKmIA:10 a=CJvQH_j4Rz1Rcvit1LwA:9 a=yoMCfCejl6huAwkqvIUA:14 a=epZE5XX-JhSOWQ0KP_UA:14 a=S1tlT_cqkNkApv-5140A:14 a=WaCZ0oT5iaTs3ikiPUcA:14 a=1yExOC8IaL8kcaKdMlUA:14 a=zUi470_MadlIIXPL6wkA:14 a=HSxh0Nq6IXwun_GEJOsA:14 a=xGInE2IxB00-bFQ8Wk0A:14 a=RcLxX4n0f7Is7gKhHwYA:14 a=Xa_RZsDNK40dHAuoiOQA:14 a=L_K8kvOp3no5fO7n-WYA:14 a=IKIoO-ieCDEA:10 a=HAqCeqtDdAwA:10

This tells me that there is some sort of testing being made by my domain registrar who has my emails arriving at their secureserver.net email agent, before getting shipped off to my ISP who I POP the emails off from their server.

So now that we know what this is, we may be able to do something about it.

I would like for you to study the Sender Policy Framework (SPF). If you haven't implemented an SPF Record for the email domain you use for your store, please do so.

Well, I don't know if SPF will solve this (but it most assuredly cannot hurt).

Searching shows there is a Cloudmark appliance email providers can install that scans for known "spammy" or "virus-like" phrases in their database.

You have one 'p' key (present in the database): p=b_YecZnQn94A:10

I don't have any. The 'a' keys are absent from the database of phrases.

Apparently, Cloudmark has a service that will examine the entire email and give advice on how to avoid tripping the filters.

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I've added more to my previous reply, so refresh the forum page.

Once you learn how to construct the SPF Record, you will want to visit the Domain Manager. This is not Cpanel where you manage your hosting environment. Log in to GoDaddy as if you were going to pay for a renewal of your domain -- that is, if GoDaddy is your Domain Registrar. Then choose to Manage Domains, choose your store's domain name, and select the DNS Records tab.

Here, you create sub-domains, declare where the MX records point to, etc. The instructions you learned when creating the SPF record should also have told you what type of DNS record you will be creating.

GoDaddy may have a "wizard" to help you construct an SPF Record.

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It says that changes take about one hour but this is the current TXT record.



I'll check later to see if it fixed the problem.

Also I've enabled Godaddy's Sitelock on this domain, it has a "Spam Scan" function and there's no way of turning it off. Godaddy sayd that that wasn't the problem but I'm beginning to have my doubts. 

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Couldn't get the problem fixed with the SPF.

About 10 days ago the hosting server had some problems with the mysql and the site was down for about 10 hours. Later that day hosting reinstalled the DB with a old backup.

This morning I deleted the site and reinstalled CC and pulled my backups and the mail sending problem got fixed.

Thank you bsmither for your help.

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