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Google reconsideration request rejected


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A few weeks ago our site was hacked, so I removed the hacked files and upgraded Cubecart to the latest version. I applied to Google to remove the "this site may be hacked" notice.

However, I just received this notice:


Reconsideration request rejected for http://www.nucleusfilms.com/

To: Webmaster of http://www.nucleusfilms.com/,

Google has reviewed your site in response to your reconsideration request. Based on this review, Google believes that your site still violates Google Webmaster Guidelines. To resolve all manual actions, review your site again, correct the necessary items, and file another reconsideration request.

Any suggestions as to what files might still be causing security issues with Google?


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onger login to admin - not sure what's happened again.


Not Found

The requested URL /admin/ was not found on this server.



I checked via ftp and it's there.

Strange, realised the admin.php file was missing. I've re-uploaded it and it's fine now.

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CC6011 no longer allows logging in via www.example.com/admin/index.php as it is possible to rename the /admin/ folder and the /admin.php file (security by obscurity).

Therefore, it is only www.example.com/admin.php where admin.php could be some name only you know. The other way, no longer allowed, returns a simple 404 response.

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