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Order cloning

Jorge Herrera

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I'm getting orders cloned (with different order number) if customers backs out after having selected Paypal as paying option. This doesn't happen if the user hits the cancel link on the Paypal page but it does happen if the browser back button is used.

Is there a fix for this?


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I'm assuming you are running V6.0.11 as this feature was added to try and deal with the situation where the customer clicked the back button while in checkout. Previously the customer would sometimes got a warning saying that the items in their basket were now out of stock which caused them to possibly back out of making the order or contact the seller to find out what is going on. Since the fix when the back button is pressed they now get a message saying "we didn't expect to find you here!". If the customer then proceeds to checkout again a second order is generated. While this deals with the original problem to some degree it does appear to have created a new problem as duplicate orders are not ideal. They are confusing for staff and in some circumstances are causing problems with stock levels.

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