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Go direct to PayPal checkout page


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Hello, I am new to cubecart.

I am selling low-price products, I do not require customers to register or key in their billing/shipping address.

I wish to allow buyers to go directly to PayPal payment page upon clicking check out instead of having to key in their particulars / address etc.

Any experts here can advise me? Would be greatly appreciated.



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You'll need the PayPal Express module.

Configure this for Pro and Express. (don't choose the option which mentions host)

You'll need to setup an API key on your PayPal account.


Baiscally, this gives you the checkout options your'e looking for, although I can't get it to work exactly to my requirements.


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I didn't, I gave up on it.

The issue I find is that Express has the ability to update the customers delivery details without him or us being fully aware.



Customer ordered something for work to be delievered to his work address, but paid for it using his personal PayPal account, which incidentally is registered to his home address.

Upon completion of payment, Paypal sends information back to the cart, whereby the delivery address is updated and changed to the customers home address.

On more than one occasion, we ended up sending the goods to his home address, but guess what, there was no one in to accept delivery, as he was at work.

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Mmmm, that explains an issue I have not thought of.  

I am having an issue with the form fill on the secure checkout page. A new customer is presented with the checkout page, with the Profile form to be filled in, assuming they have not registered.

A new customer can of course ignore all that and go straight to the paypal express at the bottom of the page.

Moving the Paypal express icon to the top of the page may help an unregistered customer check out quickly.

But it does not solve your issue.

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I don't know if this will help, but this is what I did.

On the dropdown mini basket I added this. Then on the checkout page I did this:   The tip (?) says:  Checkout quickly and easily using your secure PayPal account.  Just be sure your correct delivery address is used.

By the by, the secure checkout sends them to the checkout page where they furnish contact / billing info.


mini basket.PNG

checkout with PP tip.PNG

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