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[Resolved] skin image gif change

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Evening all...Im just starting out with websites and ive run into a problem


I can upload images ,change products etc but i cant change the

main image in top centre of homepage.

it is a gif file that changes appox. 6 images

i want to change those images but cant find the way to do it

can anyone advise/help?


Thanks in advance

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This file:

is an "animated" GIF image. The "animated" GIF is an "interesting" effect, popular many years ago, but now more of an irritant. (Just like <blink>.)

To change the internal image set, you will need to use a graphics program that knows how to handle animated GIF files.

There are several free online GIF editors.

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thank you for your reply

i hae new gif already prepared

but my problem is i cannot access the folder to change the original to new gif

i can access and change everything else..products etc but not the gif


the whole site needs a revamp to 'modernise' it but small steps first lol


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(It's been awhile since I worked with CC3.)

In admin, (File Manager) Upload Images, a File Uploader popoup will allow you to get the image up to your site.

Then, in (Documents) Homepage, you are given an editor for the Homepage contents.

I believe the animated GIF's link is in the Homepage document.

Select the image, then click on the editor's "Insert/Edit Image" tool button.

This brings up a dialog window of the image link's properties. You can change the link's filename here.

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now ive found where the files go and

if im correct it is just a matter of changing name of image and updating...

so i done that...updated...and it will not show on website..

i have made the gif at 552x390


can someone please advise?...

i have attached screenshot of editor file in 'homepage' document

(all i did was change orchard_gif   to   neworchard_gif but had to change back as it did not show on site)


forgot to add...

i did upload the new image to server successfully

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To verify, please use a utility that shows you the contents of the folders of your site. Your hosting control panel should have some sort of File Explorer. Or you can use an FTP utility to access your site. Make sure the image file neworchard_gif.GIF exists in the folder /store/images/uploads/.

My next concern is that, according to the image you posted above, CC3 is not giving you a full featured Editor. What I see is the typical HTML <textarea> form element. The Editor gives you a WYSIWYG representation of the contents. However, making the edit manually in the actual source should also work.

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Technically, you can make the image any size you want (within reasonable limits, for file size). You have this HTML:

<p align="center"><img style="WIDTH: 552px; HEIGHT: 390px" alt="" src="/store/images/uploads/orchard_gif.GIF" width="292" height="390"/></p>

In the above HTML, there is both a style attribute with width and height properties, as well as <img> tag attributes for width and height. Fortunately, the properties in the style attribute takes precedence over the tag attributes.

So, the HTML is instructing the browser to show the image, regardless of it's original dimensions, at 552x390 pixels.

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well....all i can say is...thanks...a lot

that was the issue...file extension was .GIF in original

i changed to .gif and hey presto...sorted..

now i have a few gifs to make so i can change regularily

and then to venture into a newer version of CC

Thank you again for your help

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