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Well, here I go with another one.. ssl. Yesterday I installed (or rather my web host installed) ssl on my website. They also set up a Dedicated IP for my site. After eight hours I was finally able to at least get into the Admin section, but still couldn't get into the front end of my shop. Today, I decided to try different browsers and see what happens. First up was Firefox. That was a No-Go with this error:  

Your connection is not secure

The owner of www.dunnrightoutdoors.com has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

Next up was Google Chrome. Also a No-Go with this error:

SSL requests not supported for www.dunnrightoutdoors.com
The site is not configured with SSL support. 

Then came Microsoft Edge (Windows 10). Now this one slid right in with absolutely no problems. Abel to roam around the site, looks at different products, ect.

Then came Internet Explorer. Again, No-Go with this error:

SSL requests not supported for www.dunnrightoutdoors.com
The site is not configured with SSL support.
Now, on all occasions I double checked then the Store Settings/SSL that the SSL was in fact set to YES..  Now here, when I tried to change the http:// to https:// when I saved it, it automatically changed it back to http://  ...
I don't understand what is going on with this and I almost don't have any hair left. Why would it change the https back to http?  Why can I get in with one browser but not the rest? What am I doing wrong????  I really need to get this issue resolve before I'm bald.  Any help any of you can give would greatly be appreciated.  Thanks in advance
Edit: My Dedicated IP is:
My webhost is BlueHost.com
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In each of these browsers, there should be a way to examine the certificate that the web server is sending to the browser. Unless, of course, the web server is NOT sending the certificate.

In CC6 admin, setting the "Store URL" on the SSL tab is supposed to be the http variant, and CC6 will change it to what it deems more proper. (So why make it an editable field? Don't know.) It's just that with SSL, it is ONLY the IP address that is in the clear. Even the web address is encrypted.

The problem with the certificate is that your hosting provider is using a "wildcard" certificate that has as valid domains:

The certificate is only valid for the following names:
incapsula.com, *.3-spd.com, *.4ta.com, *.alayam.com, *.alphalactalbumincampaign.s-momclub.com,
*.amaem.com, *.aws.marketlive.com, *.bakerscomplete.co.uk, *.beta-breeder.co.uk,
..., *.utahjazzstore.com, ... pepsicorecycling.com, readingcinemasus.com, realtymogul.com,
roubini.com, rx-directplus.com, servicios-amaem.es, squizzysonline.com.au, ...
just to mention a few.

Your domain name is not included.

However, if you were given a dedicated, static IP address, then you should also have your own dedicated SSL certificate.

Therefore, I say your host has more work to do.

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Thanks so much, bsmither, for your reply.  I was finally able to get back in the admin side of it all.  My web host did give me a zip file with all three parts of the SSL, but I'll be darned if I can make any sense of them :huh: . LOL..  I got back on tech support with them, again today after posting my message here, for the 3rd time. After a full 24 hrs of it all being installed. Still couldn't get back in other than with Microsoft Edge.  BUT, this last tech told me that according to my purchases that I had, both, SSL and SiteLockCDN and that the two would not co-exist with each other. So, tomorrow, I'm going to call their Billing Dept. and have the SiteLock taken off. And at that point, theoretically I should be good to go.

Thanks also for your input about the SSL tab in CC. I had no clue that the http was suppose to stay that way. Now I won't worry about it and feel more comfortable in knowing that I had it right with the SSL check to YES.

Thanks again, buddy, for your invaluable help here. It is greatly appreciated for sure.

Cheers,  YJ

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"My web host did give [me] a zip file with all the parts of the SSL, but I'll be darned if I can make any sense of them."

You're not suppose to. If this is your domain's SSL certificate*, then save it on a small USB stick for safe keeping. Don't let anyone steal it.

*Could the SiteLockCDN explain why the browser says the certificate is for domains where yours isn't one of them? I do not know.


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