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[Resolved] discount coupons


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i have a question about coupons

i wanted to assign a discount coupon to a particular item but i does not seem to save?

I've tried assigning it to the product generated code and the product name without success the + drop down does not open

is there a problem with this?

thanks again


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Which drop-down? When creating a new coupon, the Assigned Products tab has a drop-down for "Product List" which offers to apply this coupon to the above listed products or to everything else except the above listed products.

As you enter the name of a product in the Product field, some suggestions are listed for you. After you choose one of the suggestions, clicking the white plus in green circle will add that name to a row of products that gets listed in the row immediately the row where you are making your selection. The white plus in green circle is not a 'drop-down'.

If the list of suggested products does not appear, and nothing happens when you click the white plus in green circle, then the javascript in the browser has crashed.

If the javascript has crashed, we will need to discover why. In Firefox, there is Tools, Web Developer (or three-bar menu in upper-right, Developer wrench), Web Console which should show that javascript has crashed and why.

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