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Problems with users unable to complete checkout


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Since the upgrade to 6.1.3 I've had a couple of issues.

Firstly emails weren't going out to users.  I re-entered & saved the email password & that's now ok.


Secondly some users are not able to complete checkout & I'm getting multiple orders stuck to pending.  If I send a manual invoice they can pay it by card or paypal with no problem so it's not a problem with their payment account or card.


The error page does not make it clear what the issue is.    I can't make head nor tale of the Request Logs to figure out what's going on.  

Any tips on how to pin this down please?


Some screenshots from a buyer - prepayment, payment & rejection:








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In that order's Transaction Logs tab, Status column, it will show what PayPal Express said about the transaction.

If it is not one of the following, then PayPal is sending some other result phrase that the PayPal Pro plugin module isn't coded to handle:

'Denied', Failed', 'Pending', 'Refunded', 'Completed', or 'Processed'

Note that capitalization is important.


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The PPP plugin module doesn't know what to do about that status response.

If you have a merchant service rep at PayPal, they may be able to explain why PP is sending back that phrase.

FYI: In the module code, I also see a sub-reason (not logged) for certain responses. For example, "Pending - unilateral" meant "Made by an unregistered or unconfirmed email address."


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It's been suggested to me by Paypal that it's the discount code causing the issue.  Something to do with the invoice amount not matching what's being charged.  Possibly a rounding up or rounding down issue of the discount percentage.   They suggested I feed  that back to the cart developers before taking it any further with them.

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