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Is Changing Hosts Difficult?

Guest anne202b

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Guest anne202b

I currently have a Cube Cart 4.3.3 store with a PayPal cart. 

I need to change hosts and am looking for both recommendations and answers.

1.  When I move hosts, will "I" have to do anything on my end or does the company just do their magic, push some buttons and make it happen? I ask because I'm too super tech savvy...just a little. ;) Please, be as specific as possible in your answers. Thank you in advance.

2. Are there any special things I should look for in a hosting agent? I currently have JustHost and their costs are getting out of my budget. 

3. Also, I have a different domain company (I did things out of order when I first started), so whatever host I have will have to do a redirect (or I guess I could switch?).


Thanks again....



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Hosts are all different although generally you get what you pay for !  While there may be a few hosting companies that may help you move, most hosting companies wont and dont really care what software you are running and will have little or no knowledge of CubeCart.  Who you choose really depends on what is important to you and how important your CubeCart business is to you.

We are the only specialist CubeCart hosting company and are active on these forums and currently host and support a large number of CubeCart websites (including quite a few regulars on these forums), ranging from very small businesses up to several multi million pound turnover businesses. As well as hosting your CubeCart website on specially tuned servers, we offer free help and advice to help you get the most from your site and offer free CubeCart support with our E-Commerce hosting packages.

I can answer your questions from our point of view :

1) If you change hosts to us, we will move your whole website and if you are currently using cPanel (which I believe Just Host use) then we will move your whole account to include all files, databases, email accounts etc exactly as is.

2) As I said before, this really depends on what is important to you

3) During the move, access would be required in order to change the nameservers to point to your new host.  We take care of this for you as well if you wish and can also do the domain transfer over to us.

We do this regularly and can guarantee a smooth transfer  - if you have any specific questions then might be best to take it to a PM or better still contact me via our website https://www.havenswift-hosting.co.uk


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I've been very pleased with Havenswift Hosting for the last couple of years. Before that I was on HostGator, but I had a problem that was CC related and they simply made no effort to find the cause of the problem. Someone else here on the forum just recently was looking for a new host, because HostGator could not/would not help them.

I do have an affiliate link to Havenswift, but I stopped displaying it when I became a moderator.


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